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HLV's Food Diary

Thought I should actually start one of these to help keep me on track. I generally do green days but sometimes have a go at red

16.07.10 Green Day

Breakfast - 3 Scan Bran (B) with soy cheese spread (A)

Lunch - Lentil and pea dal (2 syns) with SW chips

Dinner - Veggie chilli and brown rice

Snack - 2 Scan Bran (B) and strawberry jam (4 syns)/ Soy yogurt (2 syns)

Drinks - Squash and diet lemonade

Syns = 8

Need to get more fruit in tomorrow, I forgot to defrost any this morning!
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Hello! Haha, are you vegan too?!

17.07.10 Green Day

Today hasn't been too great, I woke up and missed breakfast but otherwise I've been on track

Breakfast/Lunch: 3 Scan Bran (B) and soy cheese spread (A)

Dinner: Savoury rice pack, 2 Fry's chicken burgers chopped up (5 syns) with peas, sweetcorn, green beans, pepper and mushrooms.

Snacks: Soya yogurt (2 syns). I have two more scan bran left that I'm going to have with jam (4 syns) and some berries and melon.

Drinks: Diet Lemonade/Squash

Syns = 11
18.07.10 Green Day

Breakfast - 3 Scan Bran (B) with soy cheese (A) and a soya yogurt (2 syns)

Lunch - ended up not happening, I had breakfast late again. I blame neighbours starting a party at 4am last night :(

Dinner - SW chips with a small portion of chilli and 2 Linda sausages (4 syns)

Later - 2 Scan Bran and jam (4 syns) mixed berries and some melon

Syns = 10
Thought I'd post up yesterday's food log, will update today's later!

19.07.10 Green Day

Brunch: Jacket Potato, baked beans and salad

Afternoon snack: 3 scan bran and jam (3 syns - managed to get some reduced sugar jam, so more for meee!)

Dinner: Pasta Arrabiata with chopped Fry's Chicken Burger (2 1/2 syns)

After dinner: Melon, cherries and sweet popcorn (6 syns)

Drinks: Diet coke, Diet lemonade, water, squash

syns = 11 1/2

Not a great day for vegetables at all, so will try and get more in today!
Well I've come back from WI 3lbs lighter and with a SOTW sticker. Very pleased!

20.07.10 Green Day

Breakfast - Melon

Lunch - Hummus sandwich (B + 3 syns)

Dinner - Pasta Arrabiata. This time I fried up some mushrooms, pepper and green beans and added them to the sauce. Was delicious.

I've not done well eating today but was busy with an editing course and then getting back to Putney for my WI. I was pleased with myself though, instead of getting the bus or train from uni into town, I walked the 40 minute walk instead :)
Not too good a day today either, but I have graduation tomorrow and I'm extremely busy!

21.07.10 Green Day

Breakfast - Fresh fruit salad

Lunch - 1 Linda (2 syns) SW chips and ketchup (1 syn)

Snack - Soya yogurt (2 syns)

Dinner - Jacket potato, baked beans and a large salad

Drinks - lemonade and squash

Syns = 5 (keeping them low as I have two meals out this week)
Right, I'm gonna say that from now on my meals are probably going to be green days unless I say otherwise haha


Breakfast - Slice of melon and 1 cherry soya yogurt (2 syns)

Lunch - Edamame and Tofu noodle soup at Wagamama. It was my after graduation meal and I think I chose the best option, it was without coconut milk but as I was eating it I could feel the oil on the noodles. Not used to having much oil at all now! Couldn't finish the entire bowl and left quite a lot. I'm going to count the rest of today's syns for that.

Dinner - will probably be salad (lettuce, tomatoes, pepper, red onion, beetroot, mushrooms) and some SW chips. I'm having them a lot recently, I just love them so much!

I'll probably have some raspberries and strawberries after that too.
Much better today, had loads of veg!

Breakfast - Cherry soy yogurt (2 syns)

Lunch - Vegetable curry (lentils, onion, garlic, pepper, cauliflower, tomatoes) and rice

Snack - Banana

Dinner - Jacket potato and baked beans with salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, beetroot)

Drinks - green tea, squash

Syns = 2

Today is a difficult day but I have prepared for it and saved a lot of syns!

Breakfast - Sliced potato fried in fry light, 1/2 tin baked beans, handful of plum tomatoes, beetroot.

Lunch - Hummus and Salad sandwich on wholemeal bread (both my Bs). Didn't really want to use up my healthy extra's but was put in a situation of having this or annoying my dad who had just driven me about in 2 hours of traffic..lol

Dinner - ??? Going to a restaurant where they're going to prepare something special for me so I have no idea what. Depending on how oily it is will depend how much I eat, might leave a bit of each course if it's oil overload! No extra bread for me either!

Drinks - Lots of water, squash and diet coke

I ended up having Gazpacho, risotto and fruit salad for the meal out. Yesterday's eating was okay, spent the whole day travelling or packing up stuff so it was all very quick and easy things.

Breakfast - Fruit salad: apple, orange and bananas

Lunch - Plain pasta with faux parmesan (no more than 2 syns worth I'd imagine) only thing left in my cupboards lol

Dinner - Lentil and veg curry with rice

Drinks - lots of squash and water

Will update with today's food later tonight

Breakfast - Cherry soy yogurt (2 syns) and a banana

Lunch - Lentil Dal

Snack - Popcorn (6 syns)

Dinner - Another bloody meal out, all these events at once! I had a plain salad with only balsamic vinegar on it. I then had a spaghetti in a tomato sauce, no cheese. Probably only had 1 tbsp of oil in it I reckon, was nice and light (B)

Drinks - Diet coke and squash

syns: 8
Not a bad day today, came out of WI with a 1.5lb loss, not bad for a week with 3 meals out. Spent the entire day cleaning my flat before moving every single thing out of there, think that's enough body magic for a week or so! Mum is dragging me on the wii fit tomorrow though, bit scared.

Breakfast - Banana

Lunch - Lentil Dal

Dinner - 3 Fry's traditional sausages (syn free!), SW chips, Baked beans, Plum tomatoes, fried mushrooms

Snacks: Bowl of raspberries

Drinks - lots and lots of squash, some cloudy lemonade at class
Im seriously wanting to become vegan but am scared about how limting it will be.
I just wondered if you could tell me where you buy things from?
Ie. soy cheese spread and frys meat items?
Also what soya yogurts do you have?
I tired the asda ones today and have never tasted anything so revolting!
Any tips or advice would be really appreciated. x
Just popped in to say Om Nom Nom and Pride on 3.
hahaha thanks....1...2...3...PRIDE!!

Im seriously wanting to become vegan but am scared about how limting it will be.
I just wondered if you could tell me where you buy things from?
Ie. soy cheese spread and frys meat items?
Also what soya yogurts do you have?
I tired the asda ones today and have never tasted anything so revolting!
Any tips or advice would be really appreciated. x

I was scared that veganism would be limiting, but it actually introduced me to a whole load of foods I'd never heard of! I probably eat a wider variety of foods now than I ever did before. My diet is a bit bland at the moment, mostly because I'm trying to get used to eating SW style and also because I'm trying to cook on the cheap.

The soy cheese I use is called Toffuti and it can be found at Holland and Barretts as well as other health food shops, same goes for the Fry's products. Cheezly is a great vegan cheese for melting and I find sheese tastes more like the real thing. I know Pure do cheese slices and a spread that is sold in supermarkets, but I wasn't too impressed by it.

I usually have Provamel or Alpro soy yogurts. I love the cherry flavours and apricot. I've had the Asda ones and thought they were quite good lol, what flavour did you have?

My biggest tip would probably be to research online beforehand, you don't want bad food experiences to put you off! Some of my favourite vegan blogs are 'Vegan Dad' and 'Fat Free Vegan' and I also run my own called Hasta La Vegan. Veggieboards is a really helpful forum, I joined when I first went vegan and it was a great place to ask questions and also to look at recipes. Investing in a cookbook or two would probably be a good start, even if you decide not to go vegan, there are some really great recipes out there. I recommend La Dolce Vegan by Sarah Kramer, I use it all the time!

Feel free to ask me any questions :) Hope this helps

Breakfast - Banana and cherry soy yogurt (2 syns)

Lunch - 2 Fry's Sausages, baked beans, mushrooms fried in 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (B)

Dinner - Savoury Rice mixed in with stir fried veg (courgette, tomatoes, onions, pepper, sweetcorn) and Fry's chicken slices (5 1/2 syns)

Snacks - Bowl of raspberries and some melon

Drinks - Not much today, 3-4 glasses of squash, need to up my fluids!

Syns - 7 1/2

I well need to calm down on my mock meats lol, I'm going to use them up too quickly and won't be able to have any for ages!

Breakfast - A banana

Lunch - 2 slices of wholemeal bread (B) and 57g of reduced fat hummus (B), grated carrot, red pepper, tomatoes and cucumber

Dinner - Aubergine and Spinach pasta bake

Snacks - Yellow plums, grapes, melon and raspberries. Also going to have a hot chocolate (3 1/2 syns) with soya milk (A) later.

Drinks - squash, squash, squash...lol

Syns - 3 1/2. I kind of want to have more but don't have anything synnable in the house lol!

Breakfast - Incredibly late, but I had a large handful of grapes

Lunch - Leftover aubergine and spinach pasta bake (aubergine, spinach, onion, garlic, tomato, basil and pasta)

Dinner - Mushy Pea Curry (mushy peas, tinned toms, broccoli, pepper, onion, mushrooms, chicken strips (5 1/2 syns) and curry powder) with rice

Snack - 3 scan bran (B) with aubergine dip (4 1/2 syns) and cucumber. Melon, raspberries and banana.

Drinks - Squash

Syns = 10

Today and yesterday I got some exercise in, did 30 minutes each day on mums wii fit. Regret selling my wii now, I think I would keep it up if I had one.
31.07.10 RED DAY!

Finally, I squeezed a red day in! lol.

Breakfast - Didn't happen :( It's my time of the month and the cramps were so painful until around 2pm.

Lunch - Leftover Mushy Pea Curry (3 1/2 syns - including the peas)

Dinner - Curried Cauliflower Frittata (Onions, garlic, cauliflower, grated carrot, tofu, nutritional yeast, curry powder, cumin, soy sauce, 1 tbsp oil) The whole thing comes out as 8 syns, but should be a good 4 portions, so 2 syns! I'm having it with a salad of spinach, radish, carrot, pepper and cucumber!

Snacks - Yellow plums, melon and a hot chocolate (3 1/2 syns) with soy milk (A)

Drinks - Diet lemonade and squash

Syns = 9

Not been a bad day! Looking forward to my frittata, should be ready in 5 minutes. I also did 45 minutes on the wii fit today and burnt over 200 cals. Decided to give the exercise a wii boost so that my period doesn't sabotage the scales for me on Monday.

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