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We were going to be moving house this year so put holiday plans on hold however, now house move is on hold so I want a holiday :p

We are looking to go between 26th sept and 11th Oct for a week and our daughter will be 4 at this point. Any suggestions? We have been to majorca, alicante, benidorm. Looking for somewhere different (and sunny!) to visit. We like really busy places with lots to explore and lots of shops/markets to potter around. We would likely go AI but like to venture out and eat in nice restaurants etc too.

I feel like I am looking on holiday websites and actually have no idea where I fancy. I know lots going to tenerife this year so I'm trying to avoid there :rolleyes:

Also, to those with kids, did you find at 4 you still needed a buggy? My daughter obviously walks everywhere now but I'm thinking in heat she may need a little rest/nap?

Thanks in advance! Nat x
Hi, my husband I went to Rhodes last year in the October half term, it was lovely, there's a lot of culture to explore and some beautiful beaches. The weather was cracking too!
We've just had the same issue looking at a holiday where I can take mum & it be ok. We looked at Cyprus then it thought better of it with it being so close to Syria, we're off to Marrakesh instead. I look at sites like because you can filter, temperature, type of holiday, costings & it just brings up loads of places.

How about Portugal that'll be nice in September & not too far to travel with a little one. I don't want to say why don't you go xyz so you're in the same position as before with loads of ideas, lol

I'm thinking when our children were young we took them to Greece, Canary Islands, Tunisia (didn't like this, no idea why), France, Italy, other than Florida we tended to stick with short haul flights.
We went to Tenerife. Stayed in Playa de Las Americas. Used to be a party place a few years ago but not really now. Loads of shops, beautiful beaches. Or Ibiza. Absolutely beautiful country. Great shops and you have the hippy market which is huge. X
I'm off to Corfu in a few weeks, looks lovely and like it would fit what you want in the right resort
I would say one of the Canary Islands as you're going a bit later in September, they're always dead warm! Los Christianos in Tenerife is nice, we though Fuertaventura was abit too quiet for us, we like a few shops etc to go to that aren't far away! Have a look at First Choice, we went last year to Tsvili in Zante and the All Inclusive included access to a small waterpark and I know they do a few like that - be nice for your daughter to keep her busy! It was called the Planos Bay.