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Honey vs Hunger Diary


The Original Honey!!!
The story so far:
I'm in the middle of week 4 and have lost 8lbs. Hunger was an issue at first but getting the hang of finding alternatives when the munchies take a hold.

So far today:
Breakfast - grilled bacon (lean of course)
grilled tomatoes

Lunch - syn free lasagne with cheese HEA

Snacks - fresh pineapple and banana

Drinks - water and sugar & caffine free

So far so good although the craving for a think slice of white crusty bread smothered in butter and a huge lump of cheese is really tugging at the will power at the moment

Be strong, be strong. Quark is my friend..lol

Just adding in tonights dinner:
crab cakes with noodles and 2 tsp sweet chilli sauce - 1 syn
low fat choc moose 3 syns
So full and only 4 syns for the day.

Weigh in tomorrow, fingers crossed for some weight loss

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The Original Honey!!!
Weigh in day and I don't think i've lost anything this week. The think is i'm being so fastidious and writing down everything that i'm eating, refering back to the s/w book to make sure i'm right with my free and HE foods but I think this afternoons weigh in is going to be disappointing.

Anyway this morning as usual I had grilled bacon (no fat) and grilled tomatoes. I've also had a snack of fresh pineapple.

Weigh in is at 5.30 and will see if i'm right or wrong. Can you change shape but not loose any weight?
Just wanted to add lunch before I head off for my weigh in: 2 slices of ham, spead with 2 deli light blue cheeses HEA, cherry tomatoes, spring onions and some grapes. Was actually quite yummy.

Well off to weigh in I go

Posted about weigh in below.
Dinner: Steak and mushroom spaghetti with 3 deli light blue cheese melted as a sauce.
Cadbury low fat choccy moose (3 syns) handful of cherries.

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You can indeed change your shape without losing weight as sometimes we lose inches rather than pounds, also excercise will do that to.
Keep up the good work and good luck for weigh in x


Addicted to Minimins!
8lbs in four week is brilliant - well done!

Good luck with your weigh in today, I'm the opposite to you, I struggle to eat everything, I just feel like I cook food, eat food, cook food, eat food, cook food, eat food - way too nice to spend what little summer we have in the kitchen all the time!
Just looking at your menu and I cant see you using your HEXb anywhere, you can have some bread which will stop the craving for the crusty bread (although crusty bread not an HEXb im afraid!!) :)


The Original Honey!!!
Thank you all for your advice and support. You are right bubbalicious, I rarely eat HEB's as even before the diet I was noticing that cereals and bread based foods (as yummy as they are) would make me bloat so I avoid them.

Thanks cupcakeKatie for letting me know that you can still loose inches although the weight stays the same. At least, hopefully i'm still heading in the right direction.

donnajt congrats on the 4.5lb drop in your 1st week. You''l be knocking on the door of half a stone in no time.

Well i'm just about to leave for my weigh in. Wish me luck...lol

There are other alternative to bread and cereals for heb. Tinned and dried fruit for example, whch may not give you the same symptoms.

Hope your weigh in went well.


The Original Honey!!!
Thank you all and knitter you're absolutely right. I'd forgotten about stewed and tinned fruits as well as soups. Will have to look around the supermarket to see what fits.

I can't believe it but I lost 2lbs!!!! I was so sure I hadn't lost anything, so YIPPEE!!!! lol

Thank again everyone



The Original Honey!!!
Thanks knitter it was a bit of a pleasant surprise.

Anyway today's been a good day with a couple of treats and still well under my syn allowance.
Breakfast: noodles (strange I know but i'm a savoury person in the morning)
Lunch: ham, deli lights (HEA) and grapes
Dinner: pork chop, new potatoes, fresh peas, 1tbsp apple sauce 1Syn
Snacks: Cherries, 2 finger kitkat 5.5 syns, low fat choc moose 3 syns

Totally full and 9.5 syns used....well it is a Friday night so a little splurge for me....lol



The Original Honey!!!
Another day another food diary.
Breakkie: noodles with grilled bacon and tomatoes (sounds nasty and unusual but was yummy.)
Lunch: ham, tomatoes, 2x deli lights (3syns) grapes
Dinner: chicken and bacon pasta bake incl. cheese HEA
choccy mousse (3syns) cherries

Still on the old straight and narrow with this diet. Tomorrow is BBQ day so have stocked up on lots of yummies I can eat....just have to steer clear of the chips and dip (fingers crossed...lol)

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Well done on your loss, must have been a lovely surprise!
Well done on your weight loss to date, you're doing really well. Your diary is really interesting to read too.



The Original Honey!!!
Thank you for all your lovely comments. The 2lbs loss was a complete surprise.

I know you shouldn't weigh yourself but I do (I have to for a medical condition and keep a diary of it, amongst other things) and this morning the scales reckoned I'd gained 400g. Now I know that's not a lot and i'm only a couple of days into a new slimming week, but i'm sure all this heat is making me gain water as I'm so fastidious at keeping a food diary of everything I eat. I know I haven't cheated.
So today i'm drinking more than I normally would (i probably don't think I drink enough anyway) to encourage my body that I don't need to hold on to it as i'm supplying it with ample....if you can see my logic?

Anyway food wise, as hubby and I nipped out to the boot fair (fantastic local producers sell there fruit, veg and meat really cheap) and the obilgatory Sunday trip to B&Q's this time for a new sun umberella for the garden we ended up stuffing our faces with some of the lovely fruit we bought at the fair. So for me:
Breakfast: 1 punnet of locally grown strawberries....it was a hommer simpson moment...lol

BBQ this avo so will update with that later.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone

UPDATE: BBQ lunch was scrummy. We had a big green salad, potato salad made with the s/w syn free mayo, pork and beef steaks, chiken and veggie skewers, langoustines and sardines. My only syn was 1tsp (1/2 syn) of mustard. Still very full but there are a ton of leftovers to pick over tonight if I get peckish...lol.

Tea: Pasta leftovers, Choccy mousse and fruit 4syns
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The Original Honey!!!
Food Diary time again.

I seem to be suffering from the complete opposite of everyone else. While everyone else seems to be loosing their appetite in this hot weather, I seem to be eating for England (well at least England would win at something this year...lol)
Anyway breakfast: noodles, bacon and tomatoes (my normal wierd concoction)
Lunch: ham with 2x deli lights, tomatoes and grapes
Dinner: s/w lasagne (1syn for red wine and HEA cheese) Choccy mousse 3syns and fruit.

Anyway another day and hopefully another few ounces lost on my way to a (fingers crossed) 2lb loss this week.



The Original Honey!!!
What a day. The chance to eat would be a fine thing. I had all the family over to help me re seed (grass) my back garden. So as I knew it was going to be a hot busy day I thought a stock up on the old carbs for brekkie (fat free of course) would be the way to go.
Breakfast: noodles, what else...lol
After several hours of entertaining my 18 month old niece, nipping out to the garden to discuss how and where I want things and doing a shopping trip for more grass seed and a few groceries I thought I'd have a few mins to myself to sit and enjoy some yummy prawns (that I bought from the fishmonger). WRONG> My mums partner turned up, everyone else wanted lunch so had to sort all of them out and my mums partner only wanted my prawns. So I gave him half and only ended up with a couple.
So Lunch: Prawns, and apple and handful of cherries.
Back to the grind and we have finally finished the garden. Everyone leaves and i'm about to tuck into:
Dinner: Morrisons cumberland sausages (1/2 syn each so 1 syn) Fried up new potatoes (fry light of course) and beans, 2x babybel light HEA and choccy mousse 3 syns. Although I can honestly say i'm loosing the will and bed is looking more inviting than food....lol Anyway if I do eat all this it will be 4 syns for the day. Not bad

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The Original Honey!!!
It's that time again to start completing another days diary of food and so far (today) so good.

Breakfast: grilled bacon and tomatoes
Lunch: chargrilled steak and salad ( 1/2 syn of ketchup) - due to lunch out with the girls and it was the only thing on the menu I could guarantee how many syns it had. The salads we pre made with fried croutons, those fried onion bits in and some even had raisins and thats not even going as far as dressings! Synsville...lol
Anyway toight i'm doing a bit oriental food fest with crab pancakes and dip (1syn per pancake) and spicy chicken noodles. Hopefully all will go well....lol



The Original Honey!!!
Update on todays dinner: I made a crab and veggie rice pancake with s/w chilli sauce = 1 1/2 syns, chicken noodle and veg soup = 1 syn a handful of cherries and raspberries with low fat choccy mousse 3 syns.
Total syns today =6

Weigh in day tomorrow, wish me luck



The Original Honey!!!
Ok, so another Thursday WI day has popped on by, so gotta be good until 5.30 and as usual, I have a fit of the munchies...lol Anyway, as it's treat night tonight, it's gonna be no syns and plenty of water until then.
Breakfast: noodles
Snack: fresh pineapple
Roll on 5.30 :sigh:


The Original Honey!!!
Poo! All I can say isw Poo!!
1lb loss just 1 measly pound and I didn't cheat in any way shape or form. I blame water retention 100%

Ok vent over, the rest of my food diary.
Lunch: ham, tomatoes, grapes and 2 deli lights HEA
Dinner: spaghetti with steak, onions, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes with 3x deli lights as sauce HEA. Cherries for dessert.

Must do better next week


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