Hopefully Skinny Bridesmaid


Hey everyone

Thanks for taking the time to read my diary.

I don't usually diet. It just seems to like too hard work and means I can't eat crap food!! That's like hell
I have caught myself on now. I am 5'1 and 14st. I find it hard to run after my daughter I don't want her to miss out because of my eating and exercise habits. I love my daughter more than food. I think that goes without saying though.

Also I am bridesmaid for my best friend in July and I want to look and feel great for her big day.

Although I want to lose a considerable amount for her Hen in May. I am the master mind that decided on a theme or corset and tutus. I think I forgot that I would look like a baby elephant in a tutu

So I bought the 4 week total solution I also bought a cross trainer. Got it brand new for £25. Bargain!!

I also signed up for pole dancing class that starts on 31st. Really excited about it. It will be tough going.

So what I plan to do post updates on what I have ate and my general feelings hopefully daily. I also plan on posting progress pictures too for a bit of extra inspiration/motivation.

Wish me luck diet starts Monday
Awww hi hun... I've just started in hope I can loose 3 stone by my wedding in may ... good luck ;-)
Good luck for tomorrow! :)
Thanks for the good luck wishes.

lr31 I am sure you will look amazing on your big day no matter what you weigh Looks like a wont be starting for a few days. Packs were supposed to arrive on Saturday and didn't so I will have to put it off until they come.

I have really went out with a bang this weekend.

Night out with the girls yesterday and topped off the drinks with a meal big enough for 5 people from mc Donald's. Then visited family today they made the most amazing dinner followed my pears poached in pear cider.

Bought a new dress for Saturday night it was a tight fitting sequince dress took it into the fitting room just out of curiosity. It looked pretty good apart from my arms. They looked like beat up sausages!! Went into Dunnes and got an arm cover which is the best thing I have bought in a long while.

Here is a wee picture of the dress with the arm cover. It looked like it was supposed to be together
Also got measurements taken for bridesmaid dress on Saturday they were as I was expecting. 44-40-49 the dresses will be back in May so it ties in nicely with my target weight date. I think when they arrive I will ease up on the diet so there won't be as many alterations needed. Do you think I should or just keep going? That's if I haven't hit my target weight.
You look beautiful Gezza and that dress is gorgeous. I'm the same, I need an arm cover but it can be hard to find something that doesn't spoil the look of the dress.

I had about 3 takeaways the week before starting! Last supper syndrome!

With dress sizes it's probably best to see how you're feeling about the diet & everything nearer the time. You might feel miles happier and be fine with easing up or you might feel motivated for an extra bit!
If you stick with it 100% I'm not sure alterations will be enough to make it fit! Shame that dress sequin won't fit you for much longer, it's lovely :)
So I am not long home from work and my big brown parcel was sitting waiting for Me. It's a pity I have already had breakfast. Really looking forward to starting tomorrow.

Oh I hope it will. The bride will kill me. They are costing a fortune!!

I didn't mind buying the sequence dress it was only £10 in the sales and when It doesn't fit in it anymore I can give it to my sister.

I will see how I feel in May. I might not even stick to the diet I have zero will power.
Ok so today was a DISASTER!!!

Didn't plan it as well as I should have.

So got up at 8am was in a rush to drop Pixie off at the sitters and get to work for 12. Had a cookie for handiness sake. It wasn't as nice as thought it would be. Very heavy and sickening.

Had beef and black bean for lunch at 2pm. It was like eating soggy cardboard.

So come 5pm I was starving. actually I was starving all day.

I had forgot to bring a third meal. I expected to be home for 9. But I am actually only home now. I ended up making a tuna salad at my aunts instead of the pack.

I drank 1.5L water

Double Choc Cookie
Beef and Black bean

Unplanned salad.

I am really disappointed in the taste of the packs. Fingers crossed the rest of them taste better.

Also I want your opinion.

I work as a waitress in an airport restaurant. It's a physical job. Today I felt completely horrible. Light headed and all together not so nice. So I was thinking on days that I am working I might have a bit of extra energy to keep me from passing out.

Or is this just the effect of the first few days?

Enough about me. How did you all do today?
First few days of calorie restriction are always wearying, but you can add a bit of extra protein (basically, do total solution plus) and see how that goes? At least while you're settling in. I don't think your salad will have done you any harm at all.

All the packs are an acquired taste but I love some and others repulse me, and some of the ones I hate other people love! I find the sweet packs most palatable but haven't tried the cookie.
I think once you get into ketosis you will start to feel better and will have more energy - that's what I am hoping for anyway.

I am planning on carrying a couple of bars with me always when I am out so I know I have something I can eat if I am out for longer than planned.
Hi Gezza
I started on 3rd Jan and I too felt crap and tired especially working 9-5. The first 8 days I literally came home from work and slumped and couldn't even be bothered to wash my hair..
Then ketosis kicks in and you feel great, loads of energy and not very hungry in fact it's a struggle some days to have all 3 shakes...give it time it took me 8 days but for some it's 3-5 days in you start to feel good. It will happen and the horrible first week will be a distant memory....
I absolutely detest exante savoury stuff I wasted loads of money on them and they are gross..(to me anyway) I only enjoy strawberry, banana and chocolate shakes and the caramel, choc orange bars..
I've lost about 12lbs in two and 1/2 weeks and about 3 - 4 times a week I have some chicken or an omelette with salad etc...I'm basically total solution most days but some days I add some protein.

Stick with it you will start to feel OK in no time

Hey everyone thanks for your replies and advice .

Today was so much better and easier. for a start the foods I had tasted GREAT.

Although the I was exhausted this morning and needed an extra hour in bed. I don't know if that was because of the non stop day I had on Tuesday or the lack of food.

Have another busy day tomorrow. So I will plan better.

Today I had. The vanilla crispy cereal
Raspberry and white chocolate bar and I am deciding on my last meal now.

Wasn't so great with water today. But haven't been very hungry today.

I start pole dancing classes tomorrow super excited about it. Fitness is **** but that's what I am there for to improve it
I actually really like the meals. I've seen that a lot of people don't, but they are the best bit for me.

You really need to up your water content though. It sounds weird but you can be sticking to the diet & not lose any weight just because you aren't drinking enough water. I'm a repeat offender (lost 4.5 stone 4 years ago & managed to find 3.5 stone of it again) & unfortunately learnt the hard way.