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Hot Flushes!!!


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Hi There,

Wanted to know if any of you suffer with Hot Flushes?
I have had them for years & the way you can tell I am having 1 is my face, neck & chest go bright red & blotchy.. :( Its embarrasing when I get one but they come from nowhere.

Has anyone tried any vitamins or tablets to prevent them coming on or prevent redness??

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I noticed that no one has replied to this, and (as a man) can only offer anecdotal evidence.

My mam was suffering from hot flushes with similar symptoms. The key thing, as hard as it is to do, is not to panick when they come on or try not to get embarassed. Excuse yourself and go to the toilet if need be to calm down as the embarassment your feeling will contribute to the redness. Other than that my mam found that the best way to combat them was:
1. a good quality vitamin and mineral tablet
2. a complex vitamin b vitamin
3. a vitamin e supplement
4. a high concentration slow release vitamin c

And just trying to eat healthily. She still takes all of these now, and has been taking them for 8 months. Though it didn't eliminate the hot flushes it did help to reduce them a LOT. She never used to be able to sleep through a night and now sleeps fine, and rarely gets them throughout the day.

Hi Kelly, I get exactly what you have described! I used to get it when I was a little girl but I think that was just blushing, now this started about 2yrs ago and I can get it when I'm angry, stressed, wound up etc, but I can also get them when I'm excited or really happy or when I'm just flustered like in a rush getting ready for a night out and then it takes ages to go away as I know it's there!
I thought it might just be my weight and so I was going to wait until I had lost a couple of stone before doing anything, but now I know someone else gets the same thing I may think about seeing someone as it can be so embarrassing can't it!?

Let me know how you get on and if you find anything that helps you.
Take care xxx