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How bad was my indian takeaway?

Obviously it's not ideal but I think I made fairly good choices..it was to celebrate me finishing all my work assessments and passing them all :D

I had half a tandoori chicken (spicy paste on it but no sauce) with a side salad, and sag paneer (creamy spinach with cheese, soooo good, never had it before but it's my new favourite!)

I've only had scrambled eggs and smoked salmon so far today, and my induction phase finished yesterday.

Edit: Forgot to say, got in from my final assessment earlier which took 2 1/4 hours and was a real pain, to find my boyfriend had eaten all my pork scratchings from the cupboard, I was furious! I was looking forward to them on the drive home :(
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Well done on passing all your work assignments, your choices on the indian sound ok to me but I am still quite new at this too.
Stealing your pork scratchings is probably a hanging offence by the way lol
Bren xx
i would say youve made a good decision on the takeaway. sag paneer seems your best bet, and as long as there wasnt loads of sauce with the chicken, then a good choice,

better than my chinese crispy sweet chilli chicken and rice anyway :(
Ooh good, thanks! No hardly any sauce on the chicken, just 'paste'. I adore the sag paneer, it's amazing!

And yes I could have killed him for the pork scratchings, but he paid for the indian so all is forgiven!
Ive no idea if its good or not but thanks for the tips for Indian food! I miss my takeaways :(
Id have never thought to try and Indian so thanks again! :p
Doesn't sound to bad to me Sapphire, providing it's an occasional treat. and I agree, he's so bad for nicking your scratchings.

Bren, I was exactly the same love, I stopped before I wanted to as Colleen and the kids said I was looking scrawny.


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Bren, I was exactly the same love, I stopped before I wanted to as Colleen and the kids said I was looking scrawny.
Oh Jim, thanks so much, that makes me feel better now, I really really wanted to get to goal so have had to back down in a big way and it has unsettled me. Am still less that they would like me to be but they will have to settle for this as I don't want to go too far up the scale having worked so hard to get down. Settling for around 9.5 stone and see how it goes.
Bren xx
I know Bren, but like me it gives you some leeway love, If you know you are going on holiday or pre Christmas whatever just go on strict induction for a week before and you'll be able to not worry about putting too much back on.


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I agree with Jim Bren, you look fab, look how well you have done. get maintining now x

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