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How do you cope with with emotional strain when food isn't an option?

What do you do when your life has a glitch in it and comfort eating of any kind isn't an option? :eek:How do you de-stress? ...any ideas how to cope with problems without resorting to food or drink as a stop gap when thinking?... :confused:
What hobbies do you do to unwind or have you the perfect cure for sorting it out when on a vlcd?...
My first week was going well, but more questions have arisen in my life and now I am beginning to lose sight of the bigger picture
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Sometimes it's best to take a step back and look at things. Try writing down exactly how you feel in a little diary, then it's your own little venting system. No-one else needs to see and also it keep's your hands busy, plus when you have another sticky patch you can look back and read what you have written and think to yourself "Well I got through that so I can get through this"



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I was just a eater... not an emotional eater... so I dont really struggle with that side of it, but what I do when I start falling off the wagon, is think about why Im doing this and how it will make me feel when I get to goal, I remember all the things my weight has stopped me from doing and all the times people have made me feel like less of a person because I was over weight.

You do have to really want it to get through this, so just keep reminding yourself of the reasons why you really want this and your get through it, also after you have your first weeks loss, your be so happy that it will really help you focus.

And remember that this diet means its very possible that you could have lost 168lbs (or more!) by this time next year. Loads of people on here (not me tho sadly hehe) losing a stone or more a month! So no reason you cant be the same.

Also give yourself some goals, make the goals close enough together so they keep you focused. Ive set mine at each stone lost and change in BMI, if feels so much easier when your looking at 14lbs rather then the whole lot.

You can do it! It does get easier, I promise you that! Once you get into the "zone" you dont want food, you dont feel hungry and your so focused it seems easy, you wonder why you ever struggled in the first place!
God yeah! I know what you mean. All problems in our lives are different to each other and unfourtunatly they have a habit of appearing when you least expect and want them too, but it's also part of your journey.

Im agine when you look back and think to yourself "hey I coped with that and a VLCD" you will feel a great sense of pride and accomplishement!

If you can do this you can do anything you set your mind too!

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