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How do you make your shakes/soups

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Barely a day goes by without someone asking for ideas for what to do with the soups/shakes to vary them, or someone posts a thread with something they just discovered to make them more palatable or for variation

I thought maybe one thread would be handy rather than ones popping up all the time and it would save searching for ideas

My favourite, which I think everyone who has shakes does, is to add coffee to my vanilla shake (hot) to make a 'latte'

What do you do to your shakes/soups...
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The only think I do is: sometimes I add up a little bit more water (soups) or less if I fancy something sweet (shakes).
Also I have 1/3 of my bar at work and the 2/3 left is my little treat I have with a cup of coffee in the afternoon.
As soon as I get back home I have my soup. And then the shake at 8pm.
I don't drink anything apart of water, peppermint tea, green tea and coke zero, but ONLY once a week as my Sunday treat.

How sad.... :)
but I do love them all the way they are. And I do love all the tastes too.
I put coffee into my cold vanilla shake :D

And sometimes I make my shake up using less water than usual and put it into ice lolly moulds to make ice lolly things.

Oh and very occassionally I will heat up a shake in a saucepan and it makes it really thick, kinda like custard.


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I make the soups up with 300ml and then put them through tea stainer to get rid of the bits.

Sometimes I add a sweetener to the thai chicken and it taste like coconut thai curry.

Choc shake made with peppermint tea is yummy

Frozen shake is also great on a hot day
This is my cappuccino that I've just had. My gorgeous DH bought me a bean to cup coffee machine a couple of years ago. Coffee is one of my passions and I was dreading not been able to have my morning fix. I'd read about people adding coffee to their shake so thought I'd give it ago.

So I put 1 espresso in a cup, made half a pack of vanilla up with 150ml of water and heated it up with my steam wand. It increased in volume and tasted really creamy. Then finished it of with a grating of fresh nutmeg voila!

It really was delicious and because it only uses half a pack means I can have 2 a day......


I make my soups with cold water and then microwave for 90 seconds. I haven't tried tomato yet but like the rest, I just add a bit of salt and pepper thats it.

I have my choco with cold peppermint tea, strawberry and banana and vanilla as they come as I like them all. I did try coffee in my vanilla today and it was yummy, won't do that often though as I am not a coffee drinker and I think I put a bit too much in (totally wired lol)
The tomato and basil soup is much nicer when you add extra basil and a bit of chilli powder...

Chicken thai with extra chilli powder is good too...i also add garlic powder sometimes,,yummy xx
Coffee/vanilla shake 7/7 ers

OMG! I'm in heaven, mixed vanilla shake up over ice yum! And then I've added some of the shake to a black coffee and it's like a vanilla coffee!! Yum yum double yum!!!! 7/7 era please try it :)x

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Just tried the coffee in a vanilla shake and it is yummy, i have split it in half so will have the other half later.

Thanks for the tip xx



Will also try that later . Also can't stand the vanilla but I also dislike milky coffee (but then I dislike my fat backside even more !)

Never thought of putting ginger in it . Hmmm sounds nice !
Deecee66 said:
Just tried the coffee in a vanilla shake and it is yummy, i have split it in half so will have the other half later.

Thanks for the tip xx

No problem! :) enjoy other have later. :)

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Starlight said:
I dont think many people drink the vanilla the way it comes, why Exante dont just shove coffee in it and save us all the bother I dont know ;)
Oh surprised you don't like vanilla I love it! Fantastic weight loss :)

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I tried the vanilla shake with coffee but didn't like it. So I have it on its own, hot and love it. I drink all the shakes and soups hot.
Yes, I know, that's weird a bit but I love all the packs, soups, shakes, bars, all the tastes as the are :rolleyes:
Oh well, as long as the packs work, I'm okay :)
Haven't tried this myself (I like the shakes as they are), but I've noticed that some people split the packs in half to mix the flavours if there's one in particular they don't like. For example, choc/banana...

p.s. great sticky Starlight as this does come up lots - will be really handy to have all of this info in the one place :)


I can do this..
I like them all but put extra water in them as they are all a bit too thick for me. Also add pepper to all soups. Least fave is the tomato but don't dislike enough to not have it, may try the chilli in it as others have suggested. My fave soup is mushroom, and shake is vanilla, not tried coffee in it as I like it as it is. Thanks Starlight for the new sticky, makes it much easier to have all in one place..:)

i add extra water to all shakes/soups. i cant stand the chocolate shake so this evening i made it up with about 200 mls water, added a good tablespoon of psyllium husk (insoluble fibre-brilliant stuff) and whisked it until frothy. i left it in freezer for a good half hour and ate it like a chocolate mousse. i also added a tablet sweetener and it tasted much better. i guess it could be done with the other shake flavours but they suit my taste as they are.

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