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How Do You See Yourself?

:eek: Hi All

I was just wondering how do you see yourself?

Obese, fat or overweight?

I know I would be classed as obese if I went to my doctor but I only see myself as overweight. I don't even like to admit that I am fat, although when I look at photos I know I am.

Do we really accept how we look? Or are we still trying to cheat ourselves? :(
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I just reached a healthy bmi. I still feel like a giant; massive. I think it takes our brains a while to catch up with our bodies...


Fighting the bulge
at the doctors im classed as obese but i see myself as over weight. Im along way from being thin, most of my weight sits on my stomach i do feel like a pregnant woman.

I know i must think im bigger than i am as me and OH sit and argue about me comparing myself to people that are larger than me when it genuinly how i think i look.

However i do get the odd moment when im all dressed up where i feel good about myself :)

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I'm clinically obese but I don't really believe in BMI anyway.

I think I'm overweight, not fat. I wear my weight quite well, I have a large frame. I do take good care of myself, I always dress nice, do my hair and makeup, and what not. I get complimented quite often. I'm pretty ok with the way I look, but I'm not 100% comfortable with it and I wouldn't be so hung up over stupid insecurities if it weren't for my weight, which is why it's going.

Shelz honey, you're not ugly, disgusting or fat. I don't care what you say, you're just not. *hugs*
I've just stubbled across this post after having a try on of my ''going out'' clothes in preparation for a birthday on the town on saturday.

well i've always thought that I look 'ok' , a size 14 and in proportion although wanted to lose a bit to get back to a 12.

WELL - i now do NOT consider myself as looking 'OK' I know consider my self as 'FAT' - I can't beleive that all this time I thought Ilooked ok when I actually clearly dont - have realised this from trying on my going out clothes after not wearing then since before xmas and doing so in front of a full length mirror (which I rarely do)

will this be the realisation to actually make me stick to a diet for once? rather than yo-yo ing for the rest of forever???
Shelz, please don' be so hard on yourself. You maybe overweight, but that does not make you ugly or disgusting. Beauty is not just skin deep, its also what counts in the inside, and from the posts you've posted to me and the others I've read, your BEAUTIFUL! NEVER EVER think you're ugly because your overweight. It is not true.

I personally am classed as being obese. However, weirdly enough I don't see myself as 'fat' as that. I too (like Peachy) try and dress well. I never look at what size I'm wearing as different shops I wear different sizes - I can go from a 16 - 22 depending on where I am!! However, I do make sure that I wear clothes that I feel comfortable in, and in return I look good in them. People don't tend to believe me that I am obese, because I dress well. Clothes that fit properly really do make a difference. No point in trying to fit into something that is simply too small. Also, no point in trying to wear something that is too big, because you can look fatter in that too!

I see myself as fat, but prefer not to look!
I do dress well and take time over hair and make up etc everyday and when people find out how much I weigh they seem to be surprised - but everytime I want to look nice for any occasion I end up upset because I don't see the nice clothes or effort, I see fat and plenty of it.
Shelz, please don' be so hard on yourself. You maybe overweight, but that does not make you ugly or disgusting. Beauty is not just skin deep, its also what counts in the inside, and from the posts you've posted to me and the others I've read, your BEAUTIFUL! NEVER EVER think you're ugly because your overweight. It is not true.

I am a healthy weight for my height. I guess I have just experienced hard spells that have just ground me down and down and made me feel like that about myself. I saw an ex Monday night and that seemed to trigger off a lot of horrible feelings.
Hi Shelz,
I hope you are feeling better, as nobody should ever make you feel like that about yourself. Big hugs from me too!

I didn't realise what a can of worms I had opened when I started this.

Sugar Fiend,
I feel as you do. Most of the time I am fine about not thinking about my weight until I dress up to go out somewhere.

I have been there with the clothes on a regular basis as I just said to Sugar fiend, but I am finally getting the weight off!

I think I am having a phantom pregnancy as I know number three is not in there but it looks like I am carrying babies 3 and 4!

Just peachey and Hchappy,
Why can't we see ourselves as we really are? Maybe then I would have done something serious about my weight before instead of doing diets on and off.

I still can't see how much I have already lost so I am waiting for my brain to kick in.

Like hchappy says by wearing clothes that are too big, you look bigger. I think now that is part of my problem as I am still addicted to the baggy jumpers, but until I stop looking pregnant I am not ready to give them up.
I think as long as we are healthy, does it matter what the scales say? I don't look particularly over weight, but am clinically obese....as other have said people are surprised by my weight. The thing is, I want to loose weight for me and not because a Dr or OH, or friends, or parents etc have told me to coz it's unhealthy, but because I'm fed up of not being able to wear that skimpy black dress. because I tend to dress well most of the time, on that special occasion you put in more effort, and then that's when I notice actually how big I really am.... At the end of the day, I'm me, and if others don't like that then that is there problem and not mine. Weight shouldn't matter! Having said that Go Lower is making me feel happier coz I'm feeling healthier!


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Definitely a can of worms.

I think we definitely see ourselves in a distorted way, to me it's no different than an anorexic thinking they're fat, we think us fat poeple think we're fine, or bigger than we are. The brain's pretty powerful stuff.

I think we also get used to a lot of things. The human body can adapt to so many things, so if you've been overweight all your life, it therefore becomes normal and not a problem, until you have a good hard look at yourself and realise it's making you unhappy.

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Happy, our posts must have crossed!

I totally agree with you with all of what you said, it's the same for me really. I love clothes too much too, I hate not being able to wear just anything I want and not feeling 'hot' like I know I possibly could.

It's a bit of a confidence thing for me too; not that I'm not confident but losing weight would definitely eliminate some silly insecurities.

Also feeling happier and healthier physically and mentally since the diet, looking forward to every Friday for my weigh in and work hard at it all weekend. I must say, very impressed with myself :) And everyone else of course :D
Just Peachy, we must have crossed 'typed'!

Anyway, it's good to know, I'm not the only one who gets fed up. i just want to be able t shop in 'normal' clothes shop and not feel freakish. Generally I'm really happy with myself and the way I look. It's more on that special occasion or meeting people from the past. Last night I got a message from an old school friends parent. (They dropped a note into my parents hse on the hope I would get the message) My friend will be back in the area in a few weekends and wants to meet up - we've both now got kids and would be good for them to meet. Well the first thing I thought of, what am I going to wear? She was always tall and slim and I was always short and dumpy...normally I'm confident, but this time I want to make a good impression - silly really I know...hey ho, I know it'll be fine and she probably won't even notice!! Still want to make the effort tho. Pleased I've lost over a stone, just wish it was more now!


Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Aw don't worry about it. Yeah I know what you mean. I'm living abroad now and going home in six months time. Hoping to have lost a substantial amount to look good and feel confident enough to ask out this boy who is one of my very good friends and I never dared because... well mainly he had a girlfriend. Anyway, sort of been daydreaming about it, not getting my hopes up but maybe that'll give me the courage to do something about it instead of dreaming about it haha.

Would also be nice to get home and have all the friends and family be like, wow, you look so good! That's never bad to hear is it ;)
hey all... I feel fat... but then I remind myself that 'fat' isnt actually a feeling if you know what I mean... it just is, to look at it clinically we are either overweight or not, but then it is relative to our feelings.. on a good day I feel fab, happy and blessed, on a bad day I feel sad, angry and peed off.
When I wasnt fat it was the same lol... i think I will feel happy shopping (but then I love shopping) when the weight is gone, but that wont stop me having crap days.
I like the feeling I get when i decide to have some control over myself, and hate the feeling I get when I dont...
I feel huge, like wherever I go everyone is judging me because of how I look. I don't go out shopping because I know I won't look good in any of the clothes - I'm a size 12:( - When I go to the takeaway to get food for my boyfriend I know people are thinking what a fat, greedy pig I am, buying coke in a shop I know people think "ha, what a surprise, fat cow" I hardly ever go out because of it, I hate seeing family, who would want a fat cow like me being related to them? And I hate seeing my boyfriends family...they must think he's such a failure because of me:(
Red crystal - you are a size 12 - wish I was - I'm 18/20 (depending on what shop). I think we all have good days and bad days. fat days and thin days. I don't think it matters what size we are, we are never happy and we will always have good/thin, bad/fat days.

Peachy - Good luck with the weight loss, but remember it is easier to do it for you than a friend or potential boyfriend (specially if he's already got a g/friend!) Anyway, he may prefer the larger person, and been too shy to ask you out!!! Keep us posted.


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