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How many sausages have you lost?



I will do this!!!
Iv lost 288 sausages in 7 weeks. Mmmmmm sausages!!!
oooh -I've lost 98 mars bars lol


a new way of living!
280 sausages, although I have eaten 2 this week so is that now 278?? lol
504 sausages :D .... is that right :eek:

I used to LOVE & i mean LOVE Richmond sausages.


Is thinking positive!
I've lost 384 sausages WOW!!! :D


Is Irrepressible!! : )
342.4 sausages here in 11 weeks!

Which, as a vegetabletarian, would have to be of the quorn variety! :D
280 sausages, although I have eaten 2 this week so is that now 278?? lol
lmao -I think you can still have your 280 lol

Its good isn't it? :D -especialy since i dont like sausages anyway -((shudders))eeewwww
Think I have worked this out wrong but seem to have lost 1080 sausages or 945 mars bars :eek: that seems very careless of me but have always been forget full just been morrisons for bread and milk got 3 carriers of food but no milk :sigh:
Have you lost 135lbs Mandy? Cus if so you've lost a hell of a lot of sausages lol -WELL DONE!!!!
Oh I love this I have lost 105 mars bars or 120 sausages :D
lmao - i love imagining a pile of 112 sausages and thinking -I'm that much lighter and slimmer! I'm that much closer to feeling happy in my own skin!

Keep it coming!
Actually imagine carrying them all...my pharmacist gave me a rucksack with 1 stone in it so that I could feel what I had been walking around with lol I may have to go and buy 15 packs of sausages just for that
oh god no! lmao -who'd eat them? ;) Now if you buy the mars bars I might be able to help you out :D lol
fab - i love it! 100 sausages gone - that's 12 and a half packs of Walls - i doubt i could pick that up!

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