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How Much can i lose in 12 days?

Hi Everyone,

Just be told that my sisters have planned a weekend away for me on the 10th october (its my 30th b'day in nov)
So only 10 days of lipotrim coz i planned to start on monday. Can anyone give me a estimate on weightloss!!!!

Thanks peeps x
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If it's not too nosy, how much do you weigh now?
And do you intend to do LT just for the 10 days, or do it afterwards as well?
it can vary tremendously - and depends on how much you have to lose in the first place, but in 10 days you can probably expect between 8-12lbs I reckon.

drink loads and loads of water as it really helps


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If you don't refeed properly afterwards you will just put it back on, even worse if you are going to drink. Have a look at the refeed thread above and the 'dangers of alcohol in ketosis' in the Cambridge stickies.
hi all,
i weigh 14st 13lbs. i plan to do lipotrim for the long haul not just for 10 days, its my 30th birthday in november and would like to lose about 2-3 stone by then.....is this possible xxx


is loving the soup?!
Most people on here lose about a stone a month, more in the first month.
I would, however, give a small warning - and I really don't want to put you off so don't take it that way, please!! :)

The first few days of this are very, very hard. (then it gets a lot easier and the results are fantastic).
However, if you do this for 10 days, and then go away and eat for the weekend, you might have some problems:
1. If you don't follow the Lipotrim refeed plan - gradual reintroduction of food and especially carbs - you could put on all the weight you've lost in just a few days.
2. If you drink alcohol straight from ketosis, you're likely to feel very, very ill if not make yourself ill.
3. You'll have to go through the whole first few days all over again, which will be awful.
If you're sure you want to eat while you're away, only you can decide if you want to be slimmer for that trip badly enough to go through the first few days of this diet twice. Or if not starting now will put you off.
However, I really don't want to dissuade you from doing the diet - it is one of the best things I've ever done xxx
TBH Emma, if I were you I wouldn't pop on and off LT coz it can be really hard second time round. Your best bet would be to either stick to LT throughout the weekend or not start till afterwards.

It's my birthday next week and I'm planning on sticking to LT until I get to goal. I can celebrate in other ways (like working and having a minor op - deep joy!!! Lol!) or wait till I reach my target and celebrate then.

You must do whatever you feel you can stick to. If you decide to wait till afterwards then stick to low fat, low carb meals till then coz it will help you get through the first few days more easily.

As for weight loss, LT say a stone a month but most people lose more in their first month.

Good luck with whichever choice you decide to go with.