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How much exercise do you do on CD?

after reading another post I was wondering how much exercise everyone does? I know we shouldn't do too much apart from walking! Im on my 3rd week of ss+ and would like to introduce a fitness or salsa DVD. Has anyone else tried anything and did it effect any weight loss/gain? Thanks:)
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I go for a few exercise classes at the gym and I do about 20 minutes of cardio every day at the gym. I used to exercise alot before I started CD and can't do as much as before but I try and do as much as I can.
Im on day 1 of week 4 on Lighter Life which is 500 cal VLCD diet
During week 2 and 3 I did several spin classes no problem at all - What I did was reduce resistance slightly from normal and felt fine
It is a bit weird when computer says 450 cals burnt and you tell yourself only having 500 for the day
Monday I did my first road bike ride on the diet and 27 miles was 900 calories, just took it nice and steady no problems
I am drinking plenty of water and make sure I have my daily bar allowance 30 mins before gym session
This is important for me as I dont just want to lose weight I want to be fit for cycling also so im doing both
Not sure if exercise slows down weight loss at all but ive lost 22 lbs in 3 weeks so well happy with that
Evan if it takes me a few wxtra weeks to get to goal I am not worried as want to be slimmer and fitter
Good luck and just take it steady

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I do 20 mins on the cross trainer 5 mornings a week. Pre CD I was doing an hour each morning, but that would not be wise

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I do exercise dvds like taebo and toning exercises with light weights 2-3 times a week. During the couple of weeks I've not exercised it's made no difference at all to my losses on the scales. However I have very much noticed my problem areas such as legs and bingo wings etc are much slimmer and more defined than previously and I know that it's not due to the CD weight loss alone if that makes sense.

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I am not yet restarted, so am hoping I can continue with my hour of Karate and swimming once or twice a week with my girls. I usually fit in 2-6 lengths of 'proper' swimming in the sessions, but that largely depends on my youngest - who sometimes squels for me while i'm off swimming! :eek:

When I was on atkins before CD at the start of my 'journey' I had to source a low carb snack to have right before I went riding - I rode for an hour at a time but jumped regularly and when jumping I ran out of fuel basically halfway through.

With CD I made sure I held a shake back to have right before I rode, it did the trick and is something I want to do with Karate. :)

I did that last week with slimfast (as doing that till I see my CDC on Thursday). It worked fine so I would suggest that. :)
I walk to work everyday, about 2 miles. i also do a yoga class and a pilates dvd at home a couple of times a week. I do ss+ on days that i burn those cals off, and stay on ss on days that i do nothing (which is hardly ever). I think my weight loss has improved with the walking cause the first 2 weeks i did nothing and did not loose as much.
you dont want to do too much cardio cause you can get really light headed but walking or swiming is fine. also, i highly recomend toning classes or dvd's to help your new body look fab and keep the saggy skin away.
Have half the shake before and half after, that's what my CDC advised and I haven't felt faint once. I slowly started out by doing some swimming and aqua aerobics and I have since been able to do quite a bit of cardio and some weight training. The trick is to listen to your body. Plus make sure you keep hydrated. I normally drink about a litre and a half when am at the gym.

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sounds like a great tip of half before and half after :) will try that with swimming as I'm always starving after swimming even if I'm not dieting! lol

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