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Howdy's Wk 1 WI


Eloquent hooligan


Eloquent hooligan
PS I think think the automatic % loss marker is bust...

Start Weight = 196 lb
Goal Weight = 156 lb
Total to lose = 40 lb
Loss this week = 12 lb

12 divided by 40 * 100 = 30% Lost not 6.12% ;)


Eloquent hooligan
Cheers :D

Just totted that out on the calculator & yes it is :eek:


Full Member
Well done hun, that's a fab loss! :happy096:


Eloquent hooligan
Cheers all :) I'm bloomin amazed has to be said... I'll be chuffed if it settles down into a 3/4/5 lb loss weekly pattern now.. :)
Well done!:D
Fantastic weight loss Howdy - well done you! Keep up the good work and you'll be at goal in next to no time :)
woooo check you lol you were not kidding when you said it was looking good all week!! well done thats fandabidosi! keep it up.xx


Eloquent hooligan
Cheers all :D

Yeah I was quietly (which is not something that comes natural to me) confident :D

Expecting a mahooosive drop next week but 3/4/5 lb would be nice :)
well done that is great! Do ya mind if I ask if you are having shakes on their own or adding a meal as well? Sorry just intridgued really as i am following your journey!


Staff member
- 12 lb :eek::D

I feel like giving a Winslett-style speech :D

All the best for your WI's & keep on keeping awwwn - just shows the proof ISN'T in the pudding :D x

Well done HD:clap::clap::clap:

Love Mini xxx

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