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humiliated into action!


Doing this for last time
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So this evening have received a serious kick up the weight loss backside! Family gathering at my mums, hadn't been too naughty, until late on and I went and fetched a tube of pringles.... Brought them through, unopened, into the lounge, and my boyfriend pointed at then and said 'no, I don't want tears on Monday after weigh in'. In front of my whole family. So embarrassed but so glad he did it cos I didn't eat them and its given me a reason to rethink and motivated me.... Made me realise what a glutton people must perceive me as....

Just needed to share!

Char xx
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Aww god bless him for the support! I know it was in front of everyone, but men eh! Good on you for not eating them though, I would have eaten them in spite lol
I admire you for your attitude, I would have been tempted to force feed the whole tube to him, without taking them out of the packing!! Anyway his intentions were good, so as I say well done for accepting his words as they were intended!


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Well done for not eating them! I too would have taken it the wrong way and sat and devoured the lot! X


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Me too ! So well done :)

Gail x

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oh charlotte , i am sure that they do not think you are a glutton! you just feel concious when eating fattening products and realise that you shouldnt. You will show them all you can do it. Maybe thank your bf for making you stop but ask him to do it nicely next time, lovely that he wants to support you.if it was me i would have ate them just because it would have annoyed me , so good on you for having the will power.


Doing this for last time
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I couldn't have eaten them after that embarrassment! He couldn't stop apologising afterwards bless him, we have been together a long time and he knows how down I get about my weight. But yes usually if it was just me and him there I would have wolfed down the lot out of spite, but in front of the family I just couldn't! Completely turned off naughty food today as well.... So unlike me!

Thanks for your kind words everyone xx


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I'd have probably shoved the tube sideways into a place that the sun doesn't shine. Hmmm, I wonder why I get called feisty ;) Well done for not eating them though, and I hope you have a good WI on monday so you can crow over it in front of the family ;) xx


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aww in a strange kind of way he was thinking about you. Well done on not eating them though!
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Awww, good on him and good on you for not punching him xx
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In a way I wish my oh was like that - instead I get the response it's ok you've gotta have some treats or nice food it will be fine.

But by him encouraging and accepting makes me eat it and like you said the on wi I get upset and annoyed!

I think he was being a good bf not sure about his tactic lol but I'm sure he meant well xx
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Oh and how much better do you feel for not eating them?! Xx


Doing this for last time
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Feel so much better, and it helped me resist treats yesterday at his mum and dads house, knowing that he had his eye on me. Sounds very mean and sinister, but I know that he is only being supportive and helping me fight my battles! Xxx

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I think he's prob doing you a favour even though it's a but of an odd way of doing so lol! But just think how much better wi will be !! He needs to have words with my oh lol xx


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i would of probably smacked him around the head with the pringles tube lol. Bless him for trying to help...even if he didnt do it in the most tactful way!!!! xxx
Ah bless him for trying, even if it was a bit tactless. Its hard being the supportive person when someone is loosing weight. I didn't realise how hard until one of my friends posted on fb she had gone back to ww again. This girl has always been very overweight and I swear has lifetime membership to ww she looses some weight then gets disheartened leaves and puts it back on. Im no angel but I always try and stop the weight piling on when Iv gained a couple of stone. But Im ashamed to say my first reaction when I saw it was to sigh and think not again - then gave myself I kick. But my dh said thats how he feels at times as I do so well and but never keep it off, then its a whole marathon effort again. Really made me think

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