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Hurray, at last we have our own section, introductions please

I for one am very very pleased that we have been given the chance of trialling our own rosemary conley section and as such I think we really need to utilise it.

I thought it might be an idea to introduce ourselves, say where we are, which plan we are following, what exercise etc and if we go to class or follow online or going it alone, how much weight we have to lose and how much already lost.

I live in france so cannot attend classes so am going it alone; but do 2 x zumba/yoga 1hr classes a week and plan to do 2 x rosemary's salsa dvds at home. I have 2 dogs that need walking each day and would like to increase my time spent out with them.

I am following the inch loss plan and have only been doing so for a few days. However I lost 6lbs just by increasing my activity levels for a few weeks before starting the diet. Ihave another 5 stone to lose and my goal is not to be fat and fifty (next year is the big one).

I look forward to hearing from other rosemary dieters :)
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ange s

Full Member
Good news indeed! It'll make it so much easier to find this forum.

I've been following RC since end of May 2012 and I attend a local class, I find I need that weekly weigh in to keep me on the straight and narrow! I was given the FAB booklet which I use for ideas but what I do mainly is have 200 cal milk allowance, 200 cals for breakfast, 300 for lunch and 400 for dinner, 2 x 50 cal snacks and either a 100 cal or another 1 or 2 x 50 cal snacks all under 5% fat. Sometimes I have the high fat treat / wine but not always, depends how the day is going. Apart from a holiday and a recent blip it had all been going really well, I guess it goes to show that you can become a bit complacent if not careful. I use the My Fitness Pal app which really helps to record food diaries so I'm going to review those for last week.

I've got about 2.5 ish stone to lose, I lost just over a stone with Slimming World but plateaued after Christmas. I'm a 'clear your plate' kind of gal and although the foods I eat are not that different to when I was doing SW my portion sizes were just too big! It doesn't take long to get used to the smaller portions though and I feel much better when I eat now than before, not stuffed to bloating!!

I'm aiming to up my exercise, but find I don't always have the time. I always stay to the RC class, last week I also completed a DVD, this week I hope to fit in a 3rd session!

Ange x
Hi Ange, I tried sw years ago but being a greedy person the free food mentality just doesn't work for me cos I just eat far too much. I am better with RC as I know when I've eaten my allowance if all else fails I would just have to go to bed lol. I now know what a normal portion looks like instead of a mountain of food piled up on my plate because it's "free". It sounds like you are doing really well, so keep up your good work. I can't wait till I am a stone down. It would be great if I could achieve that within a month as I have a big family birthday party to go to and I may be able to fit into one of my posh frocks by then. :)
My Name is Jodie

I have over 4 stone to lose and I'm trialing RC for a month

I oredered the 28 day solo slim ...

So far so good but I got a horrible headache last night :(

The meals are so nice though

Much better than my meals

ange s

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Hi Jodie, welcome to RC. Sorry to hear about your headache, I think it can happen if you change your diet, your body getting used to it, getting rid of toxins and all that. I hope you're feeling better now.

I've not tried any of the solo slims, just eyed them up at class!!!! I'll get a couple on Monday to try as a few people have said they are nice.

welcome Jodie, your headache could be from a number of things. It could be that you have drastically reduced your carbohydrate intake or could be that you are not drinking enough water. If its carb withdrawal it should ease in a couple of days but try increasing your water intake as that can help. The solo meals do look good but as I live in france I have no access to them, but am coming over to uk in sept for a week so I may get some sent to my mums house, so pointers on which are nice would be helpful.
Are you going to a RC class or doing it alone. I am doing rc dvds at home plus 2 exercise classes a week as I do think that exercise is definately going to help me.
anyway good luck and I look forward to hearing your losses. I have my first weigh-in in the morning.
I'm changing over to RC again after an unsuccessful while away.

I have about ten stone to lose which sounds impossible at the moment, but if it's going to happen I've discovered that only the low fat way is going to work for me!

Good luck all, let's hope it gets really busy here!

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I'm also at home at the moment as the class near me falls at my little one's bedtime and it turned out way too stressy to rush to class. It's a shame really as I like the exercise and the instructor is really lovely.

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welcome acc I am going it alone but am doing the rc salsa dvds twice a week at home and have found a local zumba class which I go to also. So maybe there is a zumba class nearby that you could join in with to help on the exercise side. I am also trying to increase the amount of walking I do by leaving the car at home as much as possible. Good luck
Hi there

I am new to these boards but v glad ive found them :eek: i am on day 6 of RC and am trying Solo Slim too. Found the soups and meals v yummy so far, not had one I don't like.

I have 2.5 stone lose and hoping for a good weight loss first wi on Monday.


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