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I cant believe this new minims app!

Hi it's been a while since I'm been with minimins So pleased to have an phone app so can give and receive support anywhere! Day 2 of being a returner. Finding it difficult not to pick as around food all day but coping so far. My friend has returned to another group and we have the same weight to loose so can support each other. Weevikki x
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Hi Weevikki,

I agree with you about the app! It's great to be able to get on here no matter where I am. When temptation strikes my mobile is always to hand!

I'm on day 5 of returning and this place keeps me strong. Good Luck to you, you know you can do it!
I am finding it difficult but this site is a great help. I know once I'm passed day 3 I might find it easier. Good. Luck and keep in touch with us all to let us know how you are doing.
Weevikki, i know its so hard 2nd 3rd 4th Time around yesterday at my pop in I lost 7 pounds (4 days) so that's made me focus a bit better. Did get tempted today but resisted, def don't wanna undo what I've done so far!
Hi, is this app just for an iphone or is there one for the android?

I've been very bad the last 2 weeks and am back where I started in January so am trying again! I really need to get there!!


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Hey guys, I've just downloaded the minimins app for my iphone, and I can't find out how to reply to posts! I've found the option that allows me to quote others' replies but not one for replying. Am I just being silly? Any help would be much appreciated!


Charlie x x


Laugh in the face of food
Are you using an iPhone? I don't know about android but on the iPhone there's a blue box with a white arrow in the top right corner of the screen on the thread you want to reply to, that let's you reply to the thread, subscribe/unsubscribe to a thread or refresh the page. Choose reply to thread and you get a box to type in. And away you go.

Have fun! I never use my computer any more :eek: xxx


Laugh in the face of food
PS if you want to see smilies and things that don't show up on the reply list, just tap the reply you're looking at and it'll open so you can see them :D
Thank you! I absolutely didn't notice the icon in the corner, I feel rather silly! This application is great, using an iPod touch at the moment but upgrading to iPhone 4 tomorrow so will be using the app all the time :)

Thanks for your help!

Charlie xx


Laugh in the face of food
No probs it took me ages to find it too, I spent ages deleting peoples quotes before I realised what that arrow was for lol :D
Happy browsing xx


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This is excellent app. Can't believe I haven't found it sooner. It's lovely to be able to share experiences and tips and get support off you all who are in the same boat. Good luck everyone ???


No pain, no gain
Hey Girlies. I'm new to this. How do u get the smilies etc. I try to put them in but they come out as question marks ?. Couldn't start my own thread soz as I'm new. Can't believe they make u post 50 times first. thanks. Xxx

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