I dont understand


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I weighed myself on Sunday morning after a week SSing and had lost 17lbs.

My usually foolish self thought "Just a little food wont hurt"

I didint have much, and it was all low carbs - Tuna, steak brocolli (oh and also a portion of chips (small mind you))

and just weighed this mornig and have put 9lbs back on.

9lbs!!!!! What? HOW? Why?

I feel as svelte as i did on Sunday but just really dont understand this. The food I ate didnt even weigh 9lbs.

I am totally devastated and feel really down. Any advice/thoughts?

I wont be eating anything in a hurry, thats for sure.

I know I made a mistake, but surely the scales are lyign somewhere? I treble check each time I weigh and take the average, so I know I didnt mis-read the number.....
dont know the technical reason, but any food will put on weight with this diet....the best thing is go straight back to ss or do 790 which allows a litlle food..........Dont worry most of us have done that.:eek: good luck a please stick with any of the plans you will soon be happy again and you be back in the pink in no time:) :) :)
Perhaps the scales are faulty:confused: It does seem a large amount to put on just eating that.

Some people do have trouble weighing, even if the scales are accurate. It's easy to celebrate with food when the result is good, and comfort yourself with food if the result is bad and if it has that effect on you, time to stop weighing.

Calorie wise, you would still have lost weight, anything else is glycogen and water and will come off again easily.

Head down....eyes in....ignore the scales from now on and look to your goal.
first of all DON' T PANIC!!

that has happened to me before - it will be your glyogen stores filling up - straight back on today, and it'll come off in a day or 2....

Reward yourself with non - food treats next time..... most of us have been there done that. How many of us got a take away after weigh in at slimming clubs? :D

Get shaking girl and well done on your 17lbs loss :D
Thanks for your replies.

I am male, so water retntion is unlikely (isnt it??)

Anyway, I got straight back on yesterday and drinking about 8 litres of water a day. Official weigh in on Thursday, I just hope I can get those nasty 9lbs off by then!
Hi Neco

I don't understand either! I would very much doubt the accuracy of the scales. If they are not reliable I suggest you bin them and buy some good ones. As unreliale measurements are going to cause you lots of stress.

Please don't let this measurement bother you and upset the good work you have done so far.

Sure when you next get weighed accurately you will be pleased with the result.

Dizzy x
Thanks for your replies.

I am male, so water retntion is unlikely (isnt it??)

Anyway, I got straight back on yesterday and drinking about 8 litres of water a day. Official weigh in on Thursday, I just hope I can get those nasty 9lbs off by then!

Ooops! :D

we can all retain water - male or female, so Yes you could be retaining - glad to read your back on track...
Hi Neco, don't worry it is just your glycogen stores refilling (just a small portion of chips (carbs = bad) will do that for you)! But if you stick to ssing they will deplete again in a day or two.

Look on the bright side though of the initial 17lbs lost only 9lbs was glycogen so you have lost an amazing 8lb of fat!!!!!:eek: wowee, on what other diet would you be able to boast losses like that?
So well done for that amazing loss, and good luck with the diet, you will be at your goal in record time!!!

*slinks out of thread muttering about how men are so lucky...etc etc * lol

As Mrs T says, it is the glycogen store filling up again. These are the "liquid" energy stores that your body keeps for times of famine. They are the first used up when you go VLCD, and they are the first to be replaced. However, as fat is solid and weighs what it weighs, the glycogen retains water also. So apart from its own weight, there is the water that it retains, and I think it can hold something evil like 3 or 4 times its own weight in water. So 1 lb of glycogen when fully loaded can weigh 4 or 5 lbs.

This is where when people say that "all you do on the first week of a diet is lose water". Whilst not entirely true, it is quite accurate really.

All that has you have done is eat maybe 2lbs of food, and it has stored water as well making the 9lbs swing ......

I think that is the technicalities of it all. I did have it explained to me once .....

Don't panic though, a coupla days will see that gone again ....

Thanks Steve, makes it clear now.

I have been back on track since monday and 6lbs have magically disappeard, so glycogen must be nearly empty again now!

I wont be making the same mistake again!!!
Neco - if you had totally refilled your glycogen store it takes 3 days to empty - but as you only had one meal it won't have taken that long.

Do you have any ketostix to check if you are back in ketosis??? Boots or any chemists stock them .... and then you'll know you are burning fat again!
Off to Boots at lunchtime to pick up my sticks and some Movicol.

Read earlier this is a great laxative and boy do I need it!

Thanks all, you are a great help.
Best of luck and your have learnt your lesson now !!! LOL.........Only kidding.

It is deffo better to stay on the straight and narrow though. The science behind it make so much sense. I am only sorry I didn't discover this diet a few years or 6 stone ago !!

Good luck