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I hate men!! GRRR!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Sorry this isnt about dieting but I have to have a rant!!

My stupid "boyfriend" just text me at like 6.45 and invited me to a wedding reception tonight, I said no he has left it too late!

And he starts this big arguement with me over it saying im just being a selfish d***!!!

Ive just told him where to go and not to text me or phone me again because him bringing me down is the last thing I need right now...

SO annoyed!!! what the hell like?

Really want to get drunk now but cant :(
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Here we go again!
Sorry, but I've got to say your boyfriend sounds like a real charmer!

You're right though, you don't need him to bring you down cos this is hard enough. Just remember you need to be treated with a bit of respect and by the way, you don't come across as a d*** to me!


I will be skinny again!!!
I wouldnt even have time to get ready like!!!

He is a poop like!! Im so fed up with him making me feel crap all the time!!

I so need to find some one who is going to treat me properly like


Here we go again!
Couldn't agree with you more Chel! You are a lovely girl and do not need some idiot to keep bringing and putting you down. You could get any bloke you wanted. Respect yourself and that's what you'll get back. Chin up, we all think you're lovely!


I will be skinny again!!!
Thank you Bev :) You always make me feel better :)


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Mini is right! Don't let him treat you like that, your soooo much better than that hunny! I'm off the opinion this week they are all k***s!!! I know they aren't but it still makes me feel better saying it :D

Do NOT let him get to you...if he gets to you he's done what he set out to do. Just try and ignore it babe xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Thank you chick!! Yeah I just read your thread there now!!

Me and you can start a united group against men lol!!


Here we go again!
Now, now ladies, they're not all like that! My first hubby was a complete ***hole and very controlling and demeaning. Just makes me realise what a diamond I am married to now. I suppose you have to experience the bad to recognise the good!


I will be skinny again!!!
Can I borrow yours for a while please Bev?? lol
Chelcie and Louize you will both kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince, but he is out there somewhere and you will find him one day. x
At least if he had given you a few more hours to prepare and get ready it wouldnt have been so bad, but to go so aggressive is totally out of order. Make him pay Chelly.
what an idiot!! the wedding can't have meant that much to him if he hadn't remembered about it til tonight!! xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Things dont matter to him!

His nephew was born not so long ago and I was like do you want to come round with me to see him and he said no and I was like why not? and he was like because I dont care!

and he has the cheek to call me selfish!!

Ive turned my phone off and am trying to relax!


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Hey Chelly, how you feeling now hun??xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Im ok, went out for a while but its soo not fun when your sober so came home lol!!

Really tired too lol!!

Turned my phone on and havent heard from him yet so lets see what happens tomorrow lol xx


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ahhh chelly!! *big hugs*

to be honest - he really isnt worth it if he cant be bothered to tell you and give you notice on things like this and if he trys to turn it round and make it your fault!

But, that is the majority of men for ya! They just dont see things the way we do!!! humph!

But hey ho - dont give in and just wait to hear from him.

When he does contact you - let him have it!!!!
tell him how it made you feel and how you feel now about it - then let him stew!!!!
what ya like ....

hope your ok

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