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I have Swine Flu


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Oh dear hannah, i hope you make a quick recovery
BUT on a plus note at least its over and done with....you will be absolutely fine xxxx
Oh dear :( I hope you feel better soon!!!

I know of a few people who have been diagnosed with Swine Flu now, including one girl I sat with and chatted for an hour yesterday morning, who got sick last night. If we get it, can we stick to the SS if we want to?? I don't want a stupid flu to ruin my diet!!!!!! And I don't trust myself on the higher calorie plans. But obviously, I don't want to end up in hospital either!


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Oh No.... Hope that you are not feeling too rough!

Make sure you keep up your fluids and have plenty of rest!!

Wishing you a very speedy recovery xx


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Hope you get better soon :flowers:


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get well hun! take care of yourself x


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Take care of yourself and wishing you a speedy recovery x


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hope you feel better soon hannah x x


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Thanks guys :)

Qwertpi - not sure it would be advisable to stick to SS if you got it - you can't take the Tamiflu on an empty stomach, it would make you even worse! But moving up to SS+ would probably be ok xx


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Awwww poor you! Hope you feel better soon! sending smily faces to cheer you up! :) :) :)


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Hope you feel better soon and that Tamiflu gets to work super quick.
Take care.


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Hope you're feeling better soon Hannah :)


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Hope you're ok Hannah. Do you feel really awful? Just take care and relax and try to get as much sleep as possible. don't even worry about your diet. Your health is what matters. God bless xxx


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Hope you feel better soon and only get it mildly.


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Stay strong Hannah, keep drinking plenty of fluids and that might take the edge off wanting to eat.

Can you get someone to go and rent you some chick flicks to keep you occupied for a few hours?

Big hugs x
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Hugs Hannah, I hope you get better soon. xxxx

Watch out for that tail! (joke)



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Poor you! *although better to have it now before the winter kicks in, every cloud has a silver lining*

Hope you feel better soon.

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