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I think I want to swim - Finally went!!

Hello :)

I'm a size 22-24
I wear glasses and can't see very far without them.
I don't have a swimming costume.

And these are the reasons that I am giving myself to not go swimming.

Pathetic, isn't it. Who there will care if someone my size is swimming? I just need to grab the bull by the danglies, get a cozzie, and go, don't I.
Get over the initial fear of it and then I will be fine...

Wish me luck. Plz. I'm nervous. Very nervous...!
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I want to swim too!
I'm the same size of you and I can't find a decent swimming costume to fit :(

They all seem to be huge padded things which is so unflattering and the straps just fall off. I swam for years when i was a teenager and I last swam about 2 years ago, I did 64 lenghts which is 1 mile.... so i think I'm going to start off with 32 lenghts, which is 1/2 a mile... when I eventually get my swim costume!

TK Maxx has larger size speedo ones, I bought a size 44 for £7 which was the biggest Speedo one there, but it's a very tight squeeze and just goes over my boobies! lol.

I just noticed you are from Aberdeen area too! :D


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hey you will be fine xx good luck auburn swimming pools are usually empty at this time, if anyone says anything you could always drown them!!!
Do it, you'll love it and it's such great excercise. If it helps just imagine me (size 34 or something) in a swimming costume and you'll feel tiny. :p

I really wouldn't worry though maybe not go when there are loads of kids around, I always find that more embarrassing. Once you're in the pool only your head is showing and no one knows what lurks beneath!

I see alot of people swimming with their glasses on, perhaps that would help?

Good luck, you'll be fine. :D

Lucky Cat

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I take it you don't have any contact lenses then? I have seen people swimming with glasses on so you could always try that.

I was a size 22 and I went swimming (crammed into a size 20 cozzie ;)) and I would rush from the changing rooms and get into the water as soon as I could. I soon realised that there were plenty of people my size or larger who went, so I stopped worrying about it. I even went to Center Parcs at that size and was in the pool and down the slides every day. My thinking was "I'm unlikely to see any of these people ever again, who cares what they think?"

Bite the bullet and go - it's great exercise for you.
Go for it! Swimming is excellent for you of course.

When I started swimming a few months back I was a size 24/26 ish and I didn't care what I looked like in a swimming costume!
I got a 2 piece swimsuit from simplybe,it's a long top with built in bust support and a swim skirt so I get lots of coverage!

Oh and re the galsses thing....I wear glasses too and cant see much without them on but I take them off to swim in because if you get water on the lenses you have to get out of the pool to get a towel to wipe them and I couldn't be bothered to keep doing that.
Also if you dont have your glasses on,even if people are looking at you,you wont be able to see them to know! That's how I think anyway.

Claire x
Aberdeen ladies in the same boat = we should go swim together! :)
I've done it! I have ordered a cossy from the catalogue. Well, 4 actually. Size differences and bust support haha. Once they come through, I'm just going to go for it. Sod it, life's too short to stay this fat for it!

Dare I say, I am actually looking forward to it, too!!!

I think it will be the Inverurie pool I'll be heading too, to start with. Out in the sticks :p haha Hope I can still remember how to swim....... lol
Woohoo go you! I used to swim a lot but got out of the habit-would love to get back in! Just need someone to gently persuade me to go! If you ever fancy company at Inverurie let me know, I'm up for swimming in the sticks hehe x
Yay! Congrats Auburn for getting the cossie, one step better than me :D

My cousin is a lifeguard and I know that Bucksburn pool is empty 1st thing in the morning [2 - 5 people in the pool], as in 6.30am! So once I have the appropriate outfit, I shall have a go before work!


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I regularly go swimming with my five year old. Even when I was a size 26 I would still go. I must be honest I did used to come up with excuses why we shouldn't go every week mind you! Yes, it's embarrassing walking from the changing rooms to the pool, but there are other 'largies' there usually. I got a really nice cossie from Kays catalogue. It holds everything in (well not everything, you can still see I'm fat!) but unfortunately you then have these giant pork sausage legs sticking out!

One time when I'd got out of the pool this little boy pointed at me & said "look how fat that woman is mum", all the while his mum trying to distract him & shut him up! I don't know who was more embarrassed, her or me!

I went swimming yesterday & really enjoyed it, having lost a couple of stone. I know I'm still big, but my daughter gets so much out of it. Her enjoyment is more important to me than my embarrassment. And she swam her first length yesterday, bless her :)

Lucky Cat

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I've done it! I have ordered a cossy from the catalogue. Well, 4 actually. Size differences and bust support haha. Once they come through, I'm just going to go for it. Sod it, life's too short to stay this fat for it!
Good on ya! Remember though to only keep one of the cozzies, cos you won't be wearing it long as you'll soon be a size smaller ;)
you can get prescription swimming goggles-can be ordered online or your optician should be able to get some ordered for you
I swim with my glasses on - they get wet, but I prefer to be able to see where the end of the pool is, even through wet glasses. I really don't like not being able to see properly, and contacts seemed too much like a liability in the water.

No-one seems to have an issue with it yet...

Do it - before long, the whole size issue will bother you less than you think :)


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Haha, I'm blind as a bat, Jen! It's great - means you can't see whether people are staring at you!

Give 'em a real treat: Don't shave your legs or armpits either. That'll distract 'em :D
Hahahaha nice idea.... Don't think I can bring myself to go yeti-fashion!!

The cozzie turned up. Guess I've got no excuse now! :)


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Swimming idea!

Just hope my back doesn't play up when I get going. Learned to swim when I was 50, best thing I ever did. I do have the benefit of going to the "Over 50's" sessions where there are lots of people of the larger persuasion, and it's a lot cheaper too.
Hope you soon get into the swim of things.:D

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