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I was fed up yesterday...now I'm just p****d off :(

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I weighed the same yesterday as the day before...Ok I figured it would come off today.....weighed myself and ....I've gained 1/4 of a pound!!How????????????I haven't cheated.Haven't had anything I shouldn't.No extra packs.Not even a coke zero even though I fancied one.I don't have bars yet so it's just soups and shakes.I've been having around 4 litres of water a day, plus black coffee and tea.The only thing I did differently on sunday was to have a tsp of psyllium husks in my walnut and toffee shake to make a porridge.Why am I not losing weight????It makes me feel like eating to be honest..I mean if I'm not going to lose weight in 3 days what's the point?
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Just call me Anne x
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I made the same mistake as you, I was weighing myself every day, not a good idea after week one.
Look how much you lost in your first week, give your body time to adjust, then at the end of week two weigh yourself, you will have lost more.
It sometimes takes a few days for your body to get used to the weight reduction, so try and only weigh in once a week, cdc weigh in ideal.
Dont give up, you are doing brilliantly x


Fed up of being fat
It can be frustrating but try not to think too much about the daily/weekly loss but look at the overall picture, you should focus on your monthly loss instead. Our bodies reduce and gain along the way but over a month it always evens itself out.
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Awww, don't worry PR - it WILL start moving....like Mummy siad, often when the body experiences a drastic change, such as not eating, it triggers its own alarm and thinks "Ah! I am not getting any food - I must store what I have to prevent starvation" and everything halts - then when the body realises, "Oh - ok - I AM getting some nourishment".....then it fires up again.

Don't despair, and don't give up. PLease.You have done well and you will knock this thing on its head.

I really do agree - put your scales away - and wait for the end rsult at the end of your week. I bet you will be pleasantly surprised.

Let us know how you get on......it's tough, but you can do it. Be strong! :)
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Step away from the scales hun, they are making you feel low and tempting you to give up. Our weight fluctuates from day to day, hour to hour depending on lots of things, what we've eaten, drunk, water retention, the list goes on. Stick to weekly weigh ins and I promise you the weight will come off.


That's exactly the reason why i don't weigh every day. I let my HB hide the scale and it works! I only weigh at my CDC.

The weight gets off........you'll see.



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You are losing weight--if you're sticking to CD one hundred percent, then I promise faithfully that you're losing fat. What you're seeing is the effect of water. We retain water for all sorts of reasons--it's the body's way of protecting itself from fluctuations, to keep itself on an even keel. All entirely normal.

I understand your frustration, I really do. My personal record for seeing the scales stay the same is 5 days--and yes, over that five days I actually appeared to gain a pound on one of those days. But you know what, on day six, I dropped 3 pounds overnight. The following day I lost another, and the next day I lost another. When I came to weigh in, I'd lost 5 pounds that week.

It doesn't seem right, I know--but that's how it works--that's how all diets are, not just CD.

Hang in there, have faith, stick to CD one hundred percent and the weight will come off.

If you are sticking to SS and are in ketosis there is no way you can't be burning fat.

My scales didn't really move for 2weeks, but you have to stick at it. I did and now I'm on the move again. I'm 5'4" and was about 11 and a half stone when I was stuck. I'd need to consume 2200 calories a day to MAINTAIN that weight!!

You must realise that this is prime time for giving up, bingeing & putting it all (plus some more) back on again. Don't let all those CD sceptics be right - prove them wrong that CD is a good way to shift those pounds!

If you stick at it and think logically then you'll come out the other side with a loss.

Focus on your next target; a certain dress size, getting under x stone. You'll soon be rewarded. And try not to keep getting on those scales - but I'm a hypocrite because that is my guilty secret too.
Yep, same here. I've also gained one week (no cheating!) and last week only lost a measly half pound (after two weeks of losing only a couple of pounds). But you just have to take the long view. It WILL come off in the end. Hang on in there, and think about something else. Have a bath, clear out some cupboards, go for a walk... Honestly, bodies are just weird, and you will triumph!!! Look at my stats - if it worked for me, it will for you too.

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