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I went out for a meal with a group of friends tonight...


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And I didn't eat :D

Get me being all sociable without food!!! Must admit that I wanted to rip the girls head off who was sat next to me so that I could steal her chicken wrap and curly fries off her plate :giggle:

I'm off to Poole tomorrow for the weekend and have just packed all my shakes in my luggage. If I can survive a girly night out without caving I'm sure I can manage a weekend away with the family and stay on track. :angel09:
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Brilliant willpower lou . You are my hero . I dont know if I could cope going out to eat with friends and not eat !!!!!!!!


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brilliant lou - well done :)
hope the sun shines for you this weekend!


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Thats fab chick! Well done!! You've got over a huge hurdle by doing that :D have a really lovely weekend away xx
Have a great weekend. I couln't imagine going out with friends and not eating while they were, I would so cave in let alone go away for the weekend.
My OH suggested things to do for this bank holiday weekend and it all horrifies me. I told him I can't do anything as my life is on hold!!!!!!!! lol x x x x x


Here we go again!
Well done Lou, you showed real willpower there. Have a lovely weekend, they say it should be a lovely bank holiday weekend so keeping my fingers crossed!
Well done thats brilliant. Thats one thing I dont think I can do at the mo. You have such willpower.


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Way to go Lou!!! :) enjoy your weekend xxx


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Hey well done Lou :D, have a great weekend xxx


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Thants amazing willpower, i think would have stayed home. go you xx
Wow !!! Lou, you are an inspiration to us all.
Good for you. I don't think I could be able to sit there without eating. It's bad enough in work when everyone gets stuck in to the "celebrations" and snacks, I have to leave the room.
I know how you feel Lou. i was just out yesterday with friends and a similar situation. Crazy hard, but I didnt give in either. Good on ya!!!


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Well done hun...its good that you face these challenges head on, when you get through them it makes you feel so proud! I work in events and the amount of evenings, cocktails and canapes, girly meals out etc I faced and got through amazed me! Just a thought have u thought about taking a chicken soup with you when you go for meals? often if your friends are spending a lot of money on meals out and you explain to the venue that you are on a special diet/ under the doctor or the like the restaurant will be more than happy tlo make up a soup in a bowl for you. At least then you can 'eat' with your friends.Goodluck xx

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