If i go over my syns say upto 20 one day, should i not have any the next day?


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My leader tells us to do the syns on a weekly basis. Allow the equivalent of 10 syns a day so 70 in a week and count backwards

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I add up my syns on a weekly basis; so if I was you I'd cut down today but make sure I had syns within my allowance - make sense?????


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Well personally I think that you shouldn't have days where you have no syns at all - the plan says 5 to 15 a day so you should have at least 5 and if you do that you will have pulled it back while still being able to have some treat.


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hi there! on several occasions I've gone over the syns allowance - (by around 30) I've done both ways - having it as a flexi syn day and also by adjuting the nest few days and I have lost weight both ways so I reckon you'll be okay whichever you're more comfortable with x