If im 100% how much could I loose in 5 weeks?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by lyndzi76, 3 May 2010 Social URL.

  1. lyndzi76

    lyndzi76 Gold Member

    It's my 25th birthday and my husbands 30th birthday on 9th June and we are going for a night out on 5th June.
    How much is it possible to loose in 5 weeks?

    I am currently 15.7, I would like to be 14.0 is it possible?:rolleyes:
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  3. Linz67

    Linz67 Full Member

    I think it is possible, why not give it a go. Don't make yourself ill though. Don't forget that you will need to give yourself time to re-introduce carbs in a controlled way if you are going to keep the weight off.

    I am right behind you - go girl!!
  4. lyndzi76

    lyndzi76 Gold Member

    Oh yeah I forgot about reintroducing carbs and I will need to as you can see below we have a busy week planned.

    So far for the birthday's there is -
    *4th June - Meal & drinks with work colleagues
    *5th June - Meal and club with husband & friends
    *8th June - Indian with my parents
    *9th June - BBQ for whole family
    *11th, 12th & 13th June - Going to chester for the weekend (a birthday present off MIL)

    So as you can see even if I do get to 14 stone I won't be at it for long :8855:
  5. Linz67

    Linz67 Full Member

    You can still do a bit of damage limitation. You could go low carb for some of those dinners. Or you could say 'sod it , its my birthday' and have whatever you like. I could never do the 'sod it' bit because i would be so depressed about gaining, but as long as you have a plan in place for your recovery you have done the best you can. I really hope you have a fantastic time whatever you decide to do. You will look amazing no matter what weight you are , remember nothing tastes as good as being slim feels xx
  6. LeaPJ

    LeaPJ Perseverance is key

    Its definatly do-able hun, I lost 20lbs in 5 weeks :) hope you achieve your goal xx
  7. Zentje

    Zentje Full Member

    U can lose 20 to 25 lbs in 5 weeks...

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