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im new and a bit scared on cambridge


Hello just started cambridge am on day 5 and was looking for some friends to do this diet journey with.
veryone around me totally slates the meal replacement thing. So could do with some help to balance it out.
P.s has anyone slipped up when doing cambridge ? I ATE A BIT OF CHICKEN:sigh::eek::cry::confused::( need HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP please
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Hey there,

I know what you mean about people slating CD. I've heard so many things and I am ashamed to say that I used to be one of them :sigh:

I am on day 6 and slipped up yesterday. Was worse than chicken, it was 2 squares of croque monsieur!!!

I realised that cheating is not for me though, I felt terrible and nauseous the whole evening after that.

This site is really good and has provided lots of support and advice for me :D

We're all on this journey together so keep posting!!

Good luck....

Penny xoxo
Ah you poor thing. Well welcome, you have come to the right place. The biggest thing with this is making that decision and taking the first steps and you have successfully completed that stage, hard part over!

Don't be afraid to ask questions, there are enough people on here who have experienced it, done it, felt it etc even the most unsavoury of problems have been thrashed out here so don't be afraid to ask. Plenty of experience and advice on hand.

Keep old photos/clothes to hand and when you feel like giving up take a look at them and remember why you started in the first place. As you lose weight take a good look at the mirror or your new clothes to act as a motivational tool comparing old and new.

If you do happen to slip up, draw a line under it, forget about it, it's done and you can't go back and un-eat just make sure you start again as soon as possible and try and not slip up.
welcome to mini's a piece of chicken isnt that bad. Its v hard when no one supports what your doing thats y i told no one im doing cd. This site is fab for support and advice dont be afraid to get involved ask q's were all here in the same boat going through the same things all at different parts of our journeys :)

becky x

Its nice to know im not alone in the battle of my hips and ass! :eek:
Rang my cdc and she said i should be fine.

Just felt a din for cheating so early on.
I dont think i'l do it again. its not worth the guilt. And im going to need a good loss to keep me motivated!!!! :sigh:

Thanks for the reply. good luck to you too
lol xxxxxx:)


Me on the right! x
Welcome! I'm on day 4... I've done the opposite and told everyone at work that I'm doing CD. I'm lucky that 2 of the guys at work know people who have lost loads on CD AND more importantly kept it off - so although I get teased about not 'eating'... everyone is really supportive!
I've found Mini's a life saver already... I love it!

Well done to get to day 5... keep up the good work (minus the chicken - hehe!) :) xx
Hi and Welcome to Minis, you will find plenty of friends here.

Ok, so you ate chicken, thats fine, its done. As long as you learn from it, and as long as its not done again x
i did it again. My baby has been ill and now i have it and i just felt so tired i ate bit of choc:( Feel terrible and like i ruined whole god dam thing.
How long will it take t get back into ketosis? 4 days again?
Plus any tips on dealing with the tiredness. Very hard when your up at nite witn ill baby :(((((
Hi and welcome...
The one thing you must not do is punish yourself for cheating or think "all's lost now, might as well.."
Nothing is lost and once you feel better (as in not ill) it will be easier to get back into it 100%.
Try to stick to it and you should still loose some weight. I don't think it will take 4 days to get you back in ketosis but the tiredness is a side effect of ketosis. It will only last a few days and the it should be replaced by more energy and enthusiasm. When I started I was driving a taxi and I was so tired I had to stop working at times for the safety of my passengers. It will get better and it will get easier.

Keep coming on here and we will be with you all the way..

take care


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