Im new

Hi everyone, im new to this forum!
Im starting weight watchers tomorro, iv recently put on about 3 stone and im so unhappy :( iv a holiday comin up in July and i hope to be at goal by then! Going to start exercising as much as possible to speed up my losses! Wish me luck :)
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will beat the bulge!!
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Hiya and welcome to the site xxx :)


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welcome to the WW boards - good luck with your journey.. with some determination i'm sure you will see yourself through to goal xx


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welcome and good luck!! :D


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hi - im newly starting WW again too :)

lets hope we both can feel better about ourselves come the summer!!

suz x


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hello and welcome hun.xx
Well yesterday was the first day in months iv actually stuck to and kind of diet, feelings pretty good about that i have to say!

Have a wk end away planned with some friends in 3 weeks so hopefully ill have a few lbs shifted by then:D
Today i really noticed how much iv put on:(! The jeans i tried on that were too big a few monts back and now there really tight:cry: its soo depressin