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I'm panicking about starting Consolidation....

I may be well ahead of myself here, but it is worrying me.

I'm on course to hit my goal on or around May 10 - and on May 14 I am being thrown straight into a 5 day conference in the South of France (lovely, fun, hectic - I'm very lucky and really, really excited about it!).

Thing is - I've done this event before, and it's utterly crazy - tiny shared apartments rooms, no fridges, no kitchens, long, long days without breaks, networking into the wee small hours, lots and lots of rose wine and canapes.

As I said, I'm really excited, but I just wish it wasn't to be happening just in the week when I need to be concentrating on making the transition into the next phase.

Should I stay on cruise, and just say NON! to stuff? Or try to stick to all the brand new the consolidation rules, and make one night my "Gala" meal? What should I pack to take with me? What should I look out for if I manage to get to the monoprix store?

All and any advice?
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Dukan Ancestor!!
Wow - good luck and HAVE FUN!

As this is happening and you can't avoid it I would make most of it by switching to Conso, as it's less restrictive than cruise and you'll be struggling as it is:

you're allowed Veg every day (lots of crudites and salads) and a piece of fruit every day, one medium slice of bread and one small portion of cheese. There might be canapé options you can eat...

One Gala, yes indeed - you deserve it! Try and stay off the Rose at other times though.

You might have to do a week of readjustment when you get back but sounds like Conso is definitely your only option unless you want to completely opt out of the event...

Things to take: 'dry' oatbran biscuits or granola will keep - so save them for later. Oatbran muffins should be okay for a couple of days. Or take dry oatbran (maybe individual portions) to stir into yoghurt (or even other dishes!)

I'm sure others will have more ideas - I've not had to deal with a 5-day no fridge issue before :)
Thanks for the reassuring words - I'm sure its staying off the Rose that will be the real challenge - especially when the sun goes down over the Med!
Good luck (you can wave to me on the way past:p, I'm in SE France but not on the coast):).

Conso will be great as (if you control the booze) you can easily adapt what is served (ie have some bread, piece of cheese, etc).

For info, I had an email from the Dukan site and Casino/Géant Casino are now selling the packs of galettes (both sweet and savoury) so that could be handy if there is no fridge. If you go here, you can type in the post code of where you are to be and hopefully there will be one not too far away. (No Monoprix here, so no idea what else could be available Dukan brand-wise).
Oooo! Great local information - It hadn't occured to me that Dukan specific stuff might be on retail sale. Alas, no Géant Casino in easy reach of the event, but definitely something to be looking out for.


** Chief WITCH **
I'd forget the Monoprix idea - I live in a big city and, while can report sightings of the galettes (and I have even tasted them once), they're rarely to be found...

I'd avoid the drink throughout, saying you're on medication, then no one will try to persuade you. One drink leads to another, leads to a potentially "don't care what I eat any more" attitude.

You're looking to lose a further 11lbs in five weeks, I see. That's pretty fast going for the last few pounds. Would your decision be different if you weren't yet at target weight for the 14th May?
> You're looking to lose a further 11lbs in five weeks, I see. That's pretty fast going for the last few pounds.

I crunch the numbers regularly, and I have lost a remarkably steady average of 0.3lbs a day, 2lbs a week, despite stalling a couple of times and coping with some TOTM issues (also factored into the calculations).

I'm also aware that my goal is above 25BMI, and quite a bit above the "ideal" calculated on the Dukan site. This is deliberate, a.) because with my build I simply look much better proportioned with boobage and b.) there is good evidence that mature women in the range 25-26 BMI have a slightly better survival rate in terms of stroke and heart disease than those in the 20-25 range.

So, although I am fully prepared for some bumps in the road, I think it is quite possible I might be at or around goal during the run up to the event.

> Would your decision be different if you weren't yet at target weight for the 14th May?

Yes. I would probably do 4 days pp, including the day of travel to the event, followed by 4 days pv, so that I could eat salads, veg etc.

Its not too hard to avoid the booze - it's usually so hot that the idea of drinking is unpleasant, and I won't need the ice-breaker if everyone else around me is drinking and relaxed!


** Chief WITCH **
I hear you. Interesting re what you're saying about BMI. My target is far higher than most too, around 24 BMI, but that's not why I chose it.

I think whatever one can live with is a good target. Striving for too low a target weight, while possible to reach (I got to 63K the first time), will be impossible to stabilise if it's not a weight for one's profile, so I think it's great that you too are aiming higher.

Ok so, from what you've said, ever one to swim against the tide, I'd vote for your staying in Cruise... and moving into Conso when you're in control of the meals.
Joanne - I like your thinking!

Psychologically I think I might find it much easier to cope with being in cruise; If I fall off the wagon (always a possibility when travelling), then I know I just have to climb back on and persevere, wheras if I mess up this crucial transition to conso, I run the risk of throwing the towel in and having to start from scratch.

It helps that my business partner has been very curious and supportive over the past few months, even when she's been totally confused about what I can and can't eat!


** Chief WITCH **
I messed up my first Conso by going in on December 24... It seemed like such a good idea at the time, in ketosis, but of course the inevitable happened. Out of my usual planning situation. Food out of my hands. Lots of temptation.

Ketosis protects us from so many temptations.
December 24 - Oh, yes, I can certainly see the potential for disaster there!

My biggest slip to date was after nibbling a cake my 5 year old niece had baked specially for me. I only ate enough to show her how much I appreciated her gift, but within 2 hours I was feeling intense hunger pangs for the first time in weeks, and when further temptation came my way before I could get to protein source...........

(I don't regret it - I'd do it again if she ran up to me right now! But I'd make sure I had some biltong or chicken to hand just in case it had the same effect)

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