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Total Solution In search of my waistline.

Hello fellow dieters :D Tomorrow will be the end of my first week of ETS and apart from a meal of cod and lentils I have been 100% I followed the lighterlife lite programme in 2009 and lost 2 stone then I popped out my darling sprogling and now face the prospect of loosing 4.5 stone before I return to work in may. I'm finding it a bit easier now I've reached Ketosis but the last week has been a long one to say the least I just keep telling myself If Im going to cheat tomorrow and hope the giant urge for pizza will gradually fade, It's almost on a level with quiting smoking I've been there! Tomorrow morning will be my first weigh in. Reading the posts on this forum have been the only thing that has kept me going at times during the week so thanks. So best foot forward and I look forward to sharing this experience with you all:)
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Did my first weigh in this morning 10lb gone for good, will be walking around with a big smile on my face today. Feel healthy and have bags more energy than before I started, YAY!!!!!
Great start. Well done.

One word of advice though, if you do feel the need to eat avoid the lentils. They are pretty carby so chances are they will knock you out of ketsosis. Stick with protein and leafy green veg.
Thank you! I know I wont get a big loss like that again but am over the moon! I just tried the banana shake made up with 150ml of hot water with a sweetner and some cinamon it was delicious just the thing to cheer up this miserable grey day.


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Coming to the end of my second week, I have been 100% feel fine but am still missing pizza like a fiend. I find it hardest between 5 - 7 am in bed by 8 most nights. I have bags more energy to play with my bambino, making his food doesn't bother me and am quite amused that we are eating a similar diet as he's weaning. Am feeling positive about the weigh in tomorrow but boredom is setting in and am worried about falling off the wagon next week. I have been loving the chocolate shake made up thickly with a sweetner and set in the fridge.


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wow fantastic loss! i hope i have a great loss like that on my first weigh in, good luck for the weekes too come
I ate some pizza.........am over it. time to get back on track!
This hasn't been a good week for me, first there was the pizza incident which wasn't as bad as it could have been then yeterday I felt another binge coming on but managed to contain it to some scampi (it was all I had in the freezer) I think It's when I'm really tired and just don't have the will power or energy to wrestle with myself. I would love to go to bed or have a hot bath in these situations but as a single mum it's not always an option. I've got 2 more days till weigh in and a week left in my bumper pack, have decided to order another pack as this diet does work and on the whole I'm enjoying it and being a part of this forum :)
My second pack arrived today :)
Good for you! Did you find you put back weight on when you lapsed or stayed the same? You lost so much the first week I can imagine you could feel a bit flat if it slows down. but 10 lb! I'm SO looking forward to being able to say that.
I'm so pleased to have lost 2lb this week, it was a tough one. My goal is to take every day at a time and be 100% if I do this then fingers crossed I should be in the 12's by this time next week which would mean so much to me. So the plan is to get outside walking and enjoying this sunshine while it lasts.
This week has been a bit of a disaster have eaten a few times mostly Keto friendly (I'm going to put it down to being TOTM) so am going to count it as my AAMW. I'm almost tempted not to weigh on Weds but I think thats just ignoring the problem I need to take resposibility for the food I eat and recognise the affects that it's having on my body and also the fact that if I dont shift this weight I'm going to face big problems when I head back to work so tomorrow when I finish my first bumper pack I'm going back to day 1. My copy of 30 day shread has arrived, I am aiming to start it today but with a grumpy 6 month old to entertain we will see!
Hey don't beat yourself up. I lapsed big style this weekend but back on today. I'm at home with my 2 wee ones every day & it can be hard. I tried 1st day of shred today -I'm in agony so good luck if you do it xo

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