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Inch loss after one week...

Below are my old measurements (prior to losing about 3lb on WW)

Bust: 36
Waist: 34.5
Hips (including mahooosive spare tyre at biggest part): 43 :( :(
Top of arm at widest point: 16
2/3 way up thigh at widest point: 23"

And here are my new ones.....

Bust: 33.5 (more like 33 but we'll be generous!)
Waist: 33
Hips: 39
Arm at widest point: 13.5
Thigh: 22

That's 11.5 inches in total, probably about 9 of which are a result of this last week on CD!!! Happy days! I guess that makes sense considering I was lucky enough to lose loads in that week too... inches off = lbs off I spose!

Hoping that next week will see another few inches shed of my arms, thighs and hips... fingers crossed! Am most definitely an hourglass at the moment and would rather be a bit more even!

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nearly there!! :)
awh congrats hunni thats a brill loss!!
ull loose it in no time since i started ll ive lost 27.5inches and since june ive lost 47.5inches!! when ya look at that on a tape its def weird haha
wow Catz that's fab! Cant wait for my flabby bits to start disappearing!! LOL!! Just worked out I have 25lbs to get to 10st... would LOVE to be there by Feb - maybe get to BMI 25 with CD then keep going using WW for another stone. Thats my new plan :) x


nearly there!! :)
thats a good plan hun, i want to do ww maintance more so than weight loss!! do u no how many lbs u need to loose before ww will refuse u? is it 5lb over bmi 25?


Gold Member
HA!! i certainly can't imagine it :D although there were always people that looks very slim if not too thin at my ww class so i can't imagine they usually turn people away?

your inch loss is amazing honey :D well done you :D

abz xx
Well done on your inch loss, i am gutted that i didn't do mine at my heaviest :(

WW can refuse you if your BMI is too low... lol your right andju can you imagine them saying 'sorry your too slim' :wow:
Hehe thanks guys, good to know I'll still be able to do WW to lose my last bit of weight... as you've said, there were also plenty of ppl in my class who were doing it to lose but already looked perfectly slim to me!!

Well, I'm enjoying 810. Have got fish tonight :) looking forward to it. Still have 2 packs to get through as well... better get on with it really!



nearly there!! :)
ye but they would have been in ww from before they lost all that weight!! awh crap may go try locate it in the books where it says it! i know it was in the old book but cant find it in the new book!!
hope ya enjoy ur fish hunni xxx
Thanks hun.

Well I was disappointed by my fish. I used to love it but its fair to say I now can't stand it. No idea why, I suppose my tastes have just changed.

Now I feel a bit icky and haven't been able to have my last 2 packs yet cos I feel so yuck. Will have a porridge in a minute or two but am worried how I'll get #3 in.

hmmm... x


nearly there!! :)
maybe double one up? or have them really close together...yall feel full but try make them with min water xxx
OMG that is a crazy number of inches! Well done x I can't believe how much your body agrees with CD. Hang in there another couple of weeks and you will be around the 11 mark and then you can relax a little. You are doing so well xxxx
Thanks chick

I've been on 810 this week and haven't really found it any different to SS, the food doesn't appeal to me and I think I'd have been just as happy on SS! But am moving up to 1000 next week, so YAY!



Fat busting crime fighter
yay - you are majorly shrinking!
I gained a pound last week when i moved up to CD 1000 but i lost 3 inches. weird, isnt it.


nearly there!! :)
how u doing this week hunni?

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