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Inch Loss

I was just wondering, how has your inch loss compared to your weight loss? Are you seeing more results on the scales or more results on the tape measure?

So far, in 5 weeks (3 weeks on 1000cal & 2 weeks on SS/SS+), I've lost 25lbs plus..

1 inch off each arm
2 inches off my bust
3 inches off my waist
3 inches off my hips
5 inches off each thigh

It doesn't feel like very much, but am I just being impatient?

how's everyone else doing?

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OMG -- You've lost so much, esp. off of your thighs! WOW!

I have lost some inches... but I have not had my measurements (except my waist checked) in about a month. She'll probably do them on Monday. I'll let you know.

(But, I am losing very slowly this time... about 2 pounds a week.)

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im not too sure...so far ive lost 25lbs in 5 weeks and lost

Bust - 1.5 inches
waist - 4 inches!!! :)
Bum - 3.5 inches
around thighs - 3 inches
thighs - 1.5 inches (off each)
Upper Arm - 1.5 inches (off each)

still got a way to go but getting there :)
Sp far have lost 6 stone 8 lbs and
16 inches Waist
14 Inches Hips (actually my lower tummy as that was my biggest area and what i wanted to lose from)
11 inches bust
2 1/2 each arm (they were skinny - 13 inches- to start)
4 1/2 each thigh (again they were skinny to start -23)

I was really disappointed with my inches for the first 3 stone then suddelnly lost a load but now the tape measure doesn't show that I have lost any for last 2 stone but all my clothes are way loser. The inch loss has seemed really slow throughout


this time - the last time
Wow Setas! Your stats are amazing!!!
Wow!!! Setas -- you have lost my 12 year old daughter!!! She weighs 91 pounds.



this time - the last time
Setas.....can I tempt you to put another picture up? :)
ooh don't know - Ok I'll go and see if my hubby (at home with man illness - fine to stuff his face and watch back to back movies but not fine to help me) will take one of me......(oops do I sound a bit bitter there ;-)
Oooh Im waiting to see a pic then :D
here you go



this time - the last time
BRILL, BRILL, BRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fab :D

look at your skinny legs! wowee!

Well I don't know my exact stats as I forgot to write them down on my last weigh + measure but i THINK, according to my memory, they're:

3 week weigh in totals:
15 lbs lost
Bust - 3 inches
waist - 6 inches (it feels like she's measuring tighter and tighter each week though....so I don't know how accurate that is haha!!)
Bum - 2 inches
each thigh - 2 inches
each upper Arm - 3 inches

so I would say defo seeing it in my measurements more than weight at the minute! However not feeling much difference in my clothes yet - doesn't help that all I wear is leggings with tunics/dresses so stretchy/floaty stuff anyway...

well done everyone! x

P.S. bloody hell sexxymummy - 5 inches off each thigh??? your stats are brill! especially since you spend 3 of the weeks on the 1000 plan!
@Setas -- You look fantastic. WOW!


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