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Hello all, I'm Mitzee and I've recently joined this site~ :)
I'm 19 years old, I'm not really heavy, but I know it's not a healthy

I joined this site because I really need support, I've not really dieted before, just maybe little crash diets. I start motivated but then just kinda stop.
I don't really get much support from friends and family~ :c

Does anyone have any tips to keep motivated and keep on track?

Thanks xx :party0011:
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Hiya Mitzee :wavey:
Welcome to mini's, you have come to the right place to get lots of support and advice. This website is full of inspirational stories that will help motivate you aswell.
Good luck on your weight loss journey:)
Xxx Lizzie xxX


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Hello hunny and welcome to the forum! This place is full of everything to get ya going, any ideas of what sort of plan ya are going to follow? There are loads of different diets on here so ask loads of questions and ya may find the right one there. I wish ya all the best on your weight loss journey, take care


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Hi and :welcome: to Minimins. Good luck with your weight loss journey :) xxx

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Hi there and welcome.

When you say you are not really heavy - how much do you want to lose?

Its best to have a look through the different forums and think about which diet plan is going to suit your lifestyle the best - one that you can stick with for a longer period of time and will help you keep your weight off for good.

Good luck with it and let us know how you plan to lose the weight.



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Welcome to our community Mitzee:happy096:


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Welcome to Minimins :)


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What diet/ exercise plan you're thinking of?
All the support u need is on this forum
Good luck with your goal:p