is anyone from south coast interested............


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in having a southcoast meet up?

I have often read on here about you guys having meet ups and would often love to come along but they all seem so far away from me. i have DH ,DS, DD, and couldnt leave them for a weekend away but am absolutely inspired by you guys on here, 1 and all, and would love to meet some like minded vlcd ers.
I would happily arrange everything and converse with anyone else who is up for this. no stress needed on anyone elses part!!!!:D

If u are interested just let me know and i will get started straight away

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I'm interested! :)


Loves VLCD's !
I am doing LL not Cd but would be interested depending on where on the south coast the meeting would be ! :D


Hi luckymarge. watch this space.
Westhills, would be great to meet you, have been following your journey, truly applaudable.
anyone else wanting to travel down is more than welcome too!

so far its
russian doll
and westhills

anyone else up for a southcoast meet?
just add ur name and watch this space....
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I would be interested, but it depends on the location as I live right down at the end of Cornwall, about 6 miles from Lands End. Can't get any further away can I?? LOL


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i'm somerset but would love to meet up ........please x


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southcoast meeting update

So guys n gals
we have a few names on our list now, more always welcome ofcourse, so now down to the nitty gritty,
where? when? etc etc

if any of you have any suggestions now is the time to speak up (type up).

A couple of ideas flowing round at the mo have been
1. bowling, then a few glasses of water and maybe a boogie
2. nice country pub to get to know one another (then a boogie - or not )
3.mountain climbing......dont panic .just kiddin!!!:D
any input greatfully recieved

As for when it is completely up to everyone as i am very happy to fit around everyone else.

As for where, well the majority of people seem to be in hants around the portsmouth area or within quite easy reach, so maybe that would be a start, or chichester is very nice too!
again input from everyone would be good

speak soon

lynjo x


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S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
I'm happy to go with the flow (within reason!). Bowling, boogying .... all sounds great to me.

Gunwharf in Portsmouth is a good place: transport links are great, there's a bowling alley, club, shops, accomodation for anyone staying over and it's all at one cool waterfront location (it's also great for anyone coming over from the IOW).

Chichester is also lovely (although it's not famous for its scintillating night life). Nice sophisticated bars though.

So let's get the idea's rolling in :)


Hi Yes pompey sounds great as Im on the iow,when would this be????Will we all be SS?Just boggying and ss (drink :p )

Sounds great.........



Loves VLCD's !
I am in Winchester, only about 10 miles from Southampton so happy to pop along the coast in either direction from that !