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Is Coke Zero OK then???

I've been reading a couple of your blogs and it looks like you drink Coke Zero because it's malic acid not citric.
Do you stay in Ketosis? and if yes how much is too much?
I was a 2ltr a day diet coke girl before I started CD. My body doesn't know what's hit it suddenly having all this water so i've started retaining which is gutting as it's my second week and I haven't moved a pound :cry:I know this is a false weight as the loss is in the water i'm holding onto, and my counsellor is awesome she totally keeps me going, but i'm still gutted and wondered if a few swigs of the black stuff would help as it's a diaretic.

Please let me know...... feeling so down......want scales to move :confused:

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The current guidelines suggest that it is unlikely that diet pop will affect ketosis, but it can do in some cases.... it's your call. Drinking pop can make you hungry, diuretics can conversely cause water retention as a rebound... so you should not rely on them to maintain the body's water balance.
If you MUST drink it try to stay away from Citric acid and have NO MORE than 500ml per day.
Opinion often differs on this, but my personal thought is that if it's the Coke Zero or eating then choose the Coke Zero!!
I hope that this helps....
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Coke Zero is allowed and so is Asda Sugarfree Appleade, Perfectly Clear Still/sparkling Strawberry & Kiwi Flavour and Still Red Apple Flavour.

I have steered clear of the Coke Zero so far as I used to glug gallons of diet coke and I know it makes me feel very windy, lol.

I drink about 2litres of the appleade every day. (I don't drink tea or coffee) and at least the same in water too.

The other drinks have never kicked me out of ketosis, however, there is always the chance that they could do for someone else, the only way to know is to try.

Hope this helps :)


The Diet Guy
Official guidance is a small glass of calorie free drink per day.

Hello, I have been having 1/2 pint of Coke Zero every evening and call it my "Treat" for the day, so far it hasn't kicked me out of ketosis. Just try it and see ............ enjoy.
Hi! I have one can a day as a treat and it hasnt affected ketosis!
Mrs P

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