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Issues with site Satuday 25th July


Staff member
Hello everbody,

I would like to first thank all those who wrote to me regarding issues with the site, it is most appreciated and when you’re at a point where you have gone through the whole manual of what to check for, they really really helped to keep me motivated.

I’m sure everybody’s seen all sorts of interesting errors, such as "Database Error", with a box depicting a load of text like SELECT, or UDATE etc. Gateway errors and just nothing happening at all. Some of the page loads reported were 1800 seconds long! 30 minutes!!!

I have been at this for over 6 hours now, and Mini has been talking to me all the way through.

I did everything I could possibly think of, updated software, changed system settings and none of that helped. This is the same issue that happened this time last month (Around the 19th of June). What is happening is that the traffic between servers is being gastric banded only letting a trickle of information flow between servers.

As an absolute resort I restarted all the servers and whatever it did opened up and everything started to flow.

I will be making enquiries to the datacenter on monday to change the switch that connects the servers together as this is the only item I cannot change from here.

Again, many many thanks to those who wrote to me to report issues and my apologies for any inconvenience it caused.

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Gone fishing
That'll teach you not to take things apart to see how they work



gunna be a fatty for ever
ooooh if i had the knowledge of pierce i would be dangerous lol


hoping for a good loss
ooooh if i had the knowledge of pierce i would be dangerous lol

more dangerous pmsl

Thanks Pierce, I thought it was my pc as I am fairly new to the site. Glad it is sorted, clever person

Charlie xx

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