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It's not just about the weight loss!


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I'm sure other people have mentioned this, but my energy levels have gone through the roof. Usually I feel like a quick kip after lunch, but not on this diet. I find my energy levels are steady and high from the minute I wake up, to the minute I go to bed.

Another spin off from this diet is I don't get headaches. I'm quite a headachey person, but realised that I hadn't had one since I started (except for a bad one during attack), until I got one yesterday, which was totally TOTM related. (I also put back on a pound, having broken the 10st barrier for the first time in years :( - but think that's TOTM related too).

And I'm never hungry!

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How long before you start to feel the effects.

I am on day two of attack and have had a slight headache all day and even had an afternoon nap.
I agree im never tired anymore and I have 5 month old that I get up for at night and up at 7 no prob where before by 12 I was dying for nap x


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How long before you start to feel the effects.

I am on day two of attack and have had a slight headache all day and even had an afternoon nap.
It's natural to feel a bit blurrgh for the first few days of Attack. Many of us end up with an awful headache. This is just your body reacting to the sudden disappearance of carbs. You will adjust, and soon.

Hang on it there. You should begin to feel better within the next couple of days or so.


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I certainly have much more energy, and have had ever since I shook off my attack headache.

The first month of cruise was one of the most productive I can remember in years!


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I've noticed an increase in my energy levels too although I've been very tired last week (but that's because I've missed a few nights good sleep).

Has anyone else noticed their nails and hair being in better condition? My nails are growing strong and just look great. My hair is really shinny too.

This diet has so many benefits


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Now that you've come to mention it - I used to have terrible probs with peeling nails - VANISHEd... And of course I have already mentioned elsewhere my congenital arthritis - achey joints in my fingers not unusual, esp in winter, for the last few years, with a bad attack in the 09/10 winter. This time 10/11 no such problems. I put this down to the very much increased intake of oily fish in my case.

But of course now (post-cruise) the main thing is related to the weight loss: I'm much fitter and my sleeping-related backaches have gone.
Im finding I am asleep most nights by 8pm. I tend to get extremely tired during the day. What am I doing wrong compared to everyone else?
Yes, I don't think I've had this elusive energy burst either! I've always been an early bird and I don't think my sleep patterns have changed, but I feel like my eyes are always heavy by the afternoon. And I've found that out on my runs that my legs/general body feel heavier and more sluggish, to the point where on one day of attack I had to stop early. (To be honest, in attack I kinda expected it!) It also feels like my muscles ache more after exercise than they used to too, as I've never had a problem before which is silly, as protein is supposed to be the holy grail of muscle growth!

I've just never had this energy burst from attack, am hoping a few more days in cruise will bring it on maybe? I'm not worried, just my experience seems to be different!


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RunnerBean - both you and Lil Mrs Sunshine are exercising more than most, and possibly more than is ideal for the Dukan diet, which not entirely suitable for activity like running, which requires a supply of glycogen in the muscle.

This may explain why you don't get the same burst of energy that some of the rest of us experience.


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I have a fairly active job, most of my day is up and down stairs and along corridors, but I dont do anymore exercise than this and the recommeded amount per day - just the walks.
Thanks for that Atropos,. I just figured that as I have always run most days, that it would have little effect but I must to be using all my extra energy doing that!


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Yeah the book says you aren't supposed to overdo exercise especially not when u start attack. I skipped my Zumba class when I was on attack and the last time I went I felt really light headed tho that was my second day of cruise.

It hasn't been on a few weeks now due to the bank holidays but I'm hoping it will b better now I've been on the diet a month.

I wouldn't over exert yourself though x

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