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I've done it - I am at Target!


Lover of Extra Easy
I am doing a happy dance!

I have lost 3 pounds this week, got my 2 stone award, SOW and am at TARGET!!
I am actually one pound below so I am so excited I want to scream!!
It's a big thanks to you all, my wonderful consultant and fantastic group.
Everyone has been so brilliant....:D thank you all.

PS Does anyone have a target sticker I can pinch? The one on SW is flash (very pretty though) so it won't let me copy.
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I can do this............
woop woop!

Go you! What a fantastic christmas present to your self! Im so pleased for you. You must be ready to burst!

Well done again! xxx

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Yey! Well done hun xx


Too big to fail
Delighted for you, malaika. you SO deserve it!!! what a wonderful christmas prezzie! xxx


Is a crunchy mama!
Oh Malaika, I'm so happy for you! How fabulous, well done!!!!!!

So when one reaches target on EE what do you do to maintain? An extra HEB/more syns? Congratulations!


Full Member
Congratulations hun :)


Staff member

Congratulations and well done Sonia!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx


Silver Member
Well do e! Excellent news x


Lover of Extra Easy
So when one reaches target on EE what do you do to maintain? An extra HEB/more syns?

Thanks again all.

I asked our Consultant this evening what she suggested I best do to maintain.
She did say I could increase the Hex's a little or very gradually increase syns until I find what amount I need to maintain.
She also said that some target members stick to plan through the week and have weekends off (without pigging though)
I will find increasing Hex's hard as I don't always have both of them. I gave up bread and oats, cereals and all bars including Hi Fi make me feel too bloated and windy!
I think I will just carry on the way I am going with perhaps a few extra syns now and then and see how it goes.