Ive Lost 1 Stone in 5 Days *does happy dance*


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Hiya all

I dont mean to brag but I am just SOOO happy right now and just need to share my good news :p

I weighed myself this morning after only being on the Cambridge Diet for 5 days and I've lost 1 stone!!!

*dances round the room in extasy*

ok will calm down now :p

Ann C xxx
That's fantastic Ann!! Well done!

(I'm NOT jealous ..... well, OK, maybe just a bit!)
Fair play!!!!!!

It really is the best diet!

What could motivate you more than that? What a fantastic loss. CONGRATULATIONS! keep up the good work.
Thank you all for your nice comments, I am walking on cloud 9 right now hehe

Ann c xxx
Well done and keep it up, that's bril.


A stone in five days!!!!!!!!!!

Big Congrats' to you Rallya, that is fantastic!!!!

Love Mini xxx
well done, a full stone! i managed 12lb in 5 days back in Jan so am using you for my inspiration as it is day one again for me
wow that is great, fantastic. I have started today, fingers crossed i'll drop a few pounds!
Have you been drinking lots of water, you must have.
Well done again
day one for me too Laurie

Good luck! We'll need it to get over the first few days...I'm normally in ketosis on day 2 so we'll see this time. Can you tell this is about my 100th day one,lol!:rolleyes:
Thank you all, it really does mean alot to me, I havent felt this good for years I can tell you :)

I drink at least 4 pints of water a day sometimes 5-6 so I really do think that helps.

Stick to the diet and it does work...I'm proof of that ;)
WELL DONE!!!!!! You must feel absolutely Fantastic. What a great start to a great diet. Well you are definately an inspiration, i am starting again today after a few slip ups but hope to follow in your footsteps.