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Getting there!!!
Well 3 weeks in a row now i have sts! im gettin peeeeeed off at tis stage,but im very proud im not gaining at all! thats a first! so now i have 2 weeks to get a few more lbs off before final dress fittin so say a prayer for me peeps! oh but i have lost 6 inches off my hips and tummy! from 44 to 38!!!!! chuffed with that i am! x
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I've been stalled for a long time, because (I guess) I am close to goal and have lost a huge amount of weight.

I know how hard it is and at times I, too, feel irritated and downcast but heigh-ho we stick with it! The speed of loss we want doesn't tally with what our bodies want and since we are trying to do this healthily and 'properly' - and not by what amounts to starvation - we have to keep the faith.

You'll get there! We all will x


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Hun you could be like me and your body is trying to catch up with the weight you have lost. I sts for 4 very long weeks and its now coming off again. You to can do it, just dont give up.


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Aww dont give up, you'll get there. At least your losing inches so it must be working x
Hi Triv, try posting what you're eating love, then we can crit it for you.


Getting there!!!
oh i will! thanks for all the lovely replies peeps :) i love this eating plan i feel its gonna be my way forever,thank god i found something i enjoy lol!

ok so far today ive had: 2 boiled eggs with 1tsp full fat butter mashed in a cup with a pinch of salt

lunch was tuna,mayo,red & green pepper and 1 tbsp sweetcorn mixed together.

dinner will be beef,cabbage & brocolli.

then just lots of water. i havent any ideas for snacks anymore since stopping my protein shakes so maybe im sts cause im not having 5 meals a day jim what do u think?


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As Cherl says, your body is probably still catching up with your weight loss. You might be staying the same, but still losing the inches.. stick with it, you'll see the scales start to move again soon :)
Triv isn't on Atkins as such Cheryl.


Loves this site!
Oops sorry I didnt realise. Have you not worked it out yet Jim I need things spelling out for me or i totally lose the plot!!!


Getting there!!!
lol! im sticking to my 20g of carbs a day but taking mostly protein in to build muscle cause i have alot of fat in my tummy and arms,even if i was 10st id be a size 6-8 with a fat belly lmao!! im gonna get the atkins book tomorrow and start induction properly n c how i get on! i need a bit of guidence right now!
Hi Triv, I seem to be losing and gaining the same 2lbs over and over lol!

Pilates is working nicely for my belly, like you no matter how small I go my belly is always the first to greet people (and that's with my hand outstretched :8855:)


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sit ups are great. i must start doing mine. but if i lie on the floor the dogs attack me by licking me :(

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