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Izzy's Diary - which she WILL keep!!


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Ok, Look at me, promising to keep a diary :D

I'm doing weight watchers - lost 13lbs so far! I want to lose another 12lbs for 24th july cos I'm having a massive Disney princess party. I know thats kinda childish, but I never did anything like that as a kid, so now I'm doing it big time. Seriously, I think there have been weddings with less planning!

So thats my motivation, too be able to actually LOOK like a Princess for my party :queen:

Today we're supposed to be meeting friends for a picnic, but
my OH has just decided he's broken his back from the fuss he's making, but still won't go to the hospital - MEN! so maybe we won't be doing the picnic :(
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Good on you, more than half way there already! A princess party sounds great, will everyone dress up? How are you finding WW? Keep up the good work!


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Thanks, Minusfour :D Hoping most people will dress up, there's bound to be some spoil sports though lol. WW is GREAT as long as I remember to weigh my food :) Are you doing WW too?

We had our picnic yesterday, and I was pretty good, though not perfect. I had an extra chicken leg and and extra picnic egg. But we had a really long game of football, so I think I burned it off :D

We had such a good time yesterday that everyone ended up coming back to mine and we had an impromptu BBQ for dinner. Quorn sausages, corn on the cob, salad and ONE burger for me, so again, pretty good going. I was SO pleased with myself.

We had some drama last night though, in bed last night and all of a sudden we hear all this banging and shouting. So we look out the window to see TWO police cars parked outside our neighbours house. They were banging on the door and yelling at him to open up. He responded by turning up his music to drown them out!! Not the smartest.
It's so weird, cos we live in a really quiet village, and that just doesn't happen. Eventually the police gave up and this morning, the neighbour was loading up his van and wheel span off down the road!! Hope I find out soon whats going on!

hehe, I'm SO nosy!

Todays been really good as well food wise, but I must have massive PMT as I keep huffing at my OH, he's decided to go home I've been that bad. We went to a cafe for lunch and I had a jacket potato and ham and then sulked when he ordered a burger. Poor bloke, he's not on a diet, and he's actually usually really nice about it and will more often than not eat whatever I do. He just fancied a burger. Wow I'm a ***** today :(
I've also eaten A LOT of watermelon, after Maybe Baby mentioned it on the team fairy thread, SO yummy :) And I've had TWO mini milks, they only have 0.5 points in them!!!!

Actually, apart from being the girlfriend from hell, I've been feeling really positive over this weekend, and I'm genuinely glad I've recovered from my eating disorder. Thats something I quite often wish wasn't the case, as I find eating correctly difficult. Often with me it's a case of total control or no control and learning the balance has been and still is a long and difficult path, but finally, maybe, I feel like it's all going to be ok :)


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Oo let us know what happened with the neighbour! I wana know too, lol.

Well done for resisting, I feel your pain with the PMT, it makes everything worse, esp. sweet cravings.
Mini milks are ok? I'm gona have to get some of those!
Yeah, whats the goss on the neighbour???

I'm not doing WW, just calorie counting and walking. I find this forum so helpful, everyone is so generous in their attitudes to each other- I don't have a diary, but I like reading other peoples-gives me lots of ideas, and helps me stay in the right head space.

I'm in Australia, and haven't been able to find any Quorn products so far, but I did see a tele promo, which said the product was coming to OZ this week. (And that it had been in the UK for the past twenty years) I'm a veggie, so I'm pretty excited to be able to try it!

You will have to let us know your plans for the party, and of course how it goes!

Sweet girl-about the eating disorder, I know what you mean, but if you try to remember back, I bet you were absolutely miserable back then, you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy! Better to have a bit of padding than feel like that. In the long term the effect on your health is awful too!


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Ok, neighbour news lol! So the police returned yesterday afternoon and did a bit more shouting and poking about, but my neighbour was out. Then, his wife came home from a weekend away with their children. She was NOT happy. Phoned him and demanded he came home right away. (I was sat in my garden, obviously not nosing. Much. :) ) She she asks me to watch the girls for her while she "sorts this bloody mess out."

Neighbour returns home on wifes order to find a police car parked in his drive. He actually tried to spin the car round and drive off!!! The police just kinda threw themselves on the car though and he gave up. I told you he's not the brightest. At this point I decide tat actually I should take his small children inside. Plonk them in front of Pocahontas and wait.

Jemma (the wife) Comes back inside, thanking me, then she told me that apparently brains of Britain had driven home from the pub in his mates uninsured un taxed car and promptly drove into a 09 plate Jag. They then just continued to drive, not realising that the Jag belonged to HIS BOSS. Who obviously shopped him. Silly sod then made matter worse by hiding on the kitchen floor when the police started banging on the windows. They could see him and everything!!

So he got carted off yesterday, back today though so maybe it's been sorted out. What a wally though! Just proves what years of drug abuse does to your common sense hehe.

I love this forum too, its got so many yummy ideas in it! Just wait till you get quorn in Oz, its great stuff. As someone whos not veggie, its not quite the same as the real thing but its a good enough substitute to not miss meat too much. You can get quorn mince, which in bolognaise sauce is EXACTLY like the real thing.

I know, I wouldn't really want the ED back, not when I think of all the rubbish that goes with it, and like you say, the health problems. I think it's more that it represents control to me, and that sort of weight loss comes with one hell of a kick - It's why I'm being monitored so closely on WW, I have to be so careful not to get back into certain triggering habits. If I eat too many points, for example, its a real fight to not just skip my next meal, but that would "set me off" And I don't want that anymore, I LIKE being able to eat out lol!!

Today is going well, Didn't even touch the biscuits at work. We were in meetings all morning so the biscuits were just THERE. Didn't even want one even though I was BORED. :) Ham roll and soup for lunch and some crisps.

I just got my first car last week and am yet to drive alone, so I may be brave and drive the ten mins to Tesco later for some dinner, but I may chicken out lol! Driving scares me SOO much, But i'm getting braver which is good, especially living in the middle of nowhere - I NEED a car!

Anyway, quite a long entry today, I must go back to work!


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H U N G R Y!!!! :(

G R U M P Y!!!! :(

T I R E D!!!! :(

Grr, someone give me a family bag of magic stars, I WANT TO EAT!

This sucks, I've not even got any points left. Don't know whats going on, I've eaten sensibly, yet I feel starved. Even my old standby of coffee and splenda isn't helping. Oh and Mum has got lemon tarts downstairs. I Want to eat the WHOLE packet.

You see, this is my binging tendencies making themselves known. I've been known to eat 5000 cals in a binge, back in the day. Urgh, How is it even possible to eat that much?? Seriously, I'd go to mcdonalds and get a big mac meal, then cook and eat a WHOLE pizza before moving on to galaxy chocolate, two of those big bars. Followed by a tub of ben and jerrys. Hell yeah, I used to do it in style :D

Sorry, a bit pointless, I'm trying to distract myself. Instead, I shall go and eat some sugar free jelly and perhaps some celery. I don't binge anymore. I must remember that!!
Hope you managed to successfully distract yourself. With WW, is there any way to "save" calories, or points for those times like today, where you just feel hungier than usual?
That is a very funny story about your neighbour, oh, if only I was there when the police finally stopped him. What a knob!(*) What will happen to him?
(*) Once, when my in laws were in the habit of "just popping in"- invariably catching us in a mess- we didn't answer the door, pretending we weren't home. We couldn't understand why they were being so persistant with the knocking, but of course it turned out that they could see us through the curtains, sitting there like statues.

I know exactly what you mean with the control stuff-I just keep reminding myself how unhappy I was back then, and when things are getting pretty tough, I clean, (a nice change!), and remind myself that I am bigger than that. (Sadly, in more ways than one!)

Have a good one!
I bought my "Belle" dress today :D


It fits as well, which is actually not as good as it sounds - I was hoping for the inspiration to slim into it. Nevermind, it was the only one they had and the only thing I'd found all day even close to what I wanted. Just need a tiara now!

I've been quiet lately, Been in the mood from hell which has lead to a 1lb gain this week :( I did get my period the day before weigh in though, so maybe thats had an affect?

So, it's onwards and upwards from now on. I need to get my arms TONED and I could do with losing another inch of the old hips and waist so the dress looks amazing rather than "nice" I also need to hit the gradual tanner rather hard - yellow doesn't look to hot on pale skin, lol.

So, feeling motivated after last week. Heres hoping it can last!!


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It's a beautiful dress, i'm sure you look lovely in it =)
Don't worry about the gain, it is probably due to your totm


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S: 16st1lb C: 13st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.8 Loss: 2st12lb(17.78%)
Chicken quorn is the devil! Eugh! I haven't tried the mince, might do though.

Yeh totm is rough on us lot, dont worry too much, i'm sure your weight will sort itself out next week. That's probably why u got the cravings as well.

That dress is faaaabulous! You're going to look amazing I bet! Do we get to see pictures from the party? :)

Your neighbour is a plonker, fancy driving into your bosses car as well! did he get fired? lol.
Thanks girlies :)
lol, Pink, you make me smile! Yeah, he lost his job. What an idiot, right? And of course I'll put some pics up of the party - it might just keep me going with the motivation...

The OH and I pooled our money and bought a Wii and Wii fit plus yesterday. I LOVE it, but OUCH! I Didn't think I was really doing that much, but I am SO sore today! I spent 40 mins on it and burnt 227 cals. Thats teh bit I really like if i'm honest, watching the calories DIE!! :D

So I managed to maintain my weight over th weekend - normally I gain what I lost during the week, which is just evidence of my lack of control these days. A part of me needs to rebel to prove I'm better. Kinda twisted, I know.

We went to Franky And Benny's for lunch yesterday, can you believe I've NEVER been before? Such a sheltered life lol. I had sticky chicken salad and it was YUM. Couldn't find the points value anywhere though, so I called it 7, which was almost certainly WAY off, but I don't care! I did have a small slip last night - the hamburger happy meal from McDonalds became a big mac meal. But I thought about it long and hard, it was def either that or a binge when I got hungry later. So, again, not really too worried about it. Its been SOO long since I ate Maccy Ds I don't even miss it, but last night I had a craving which just HAD to be satisfied!

Hmm, time for tea now. I'm having chicken drumsticks, mashed potato and corn on the cob. Yum! Then it's back on the Wii - perhaps taking it a little easier this time though :/
6 points in a dipped flake. 6. SIX!!! :( There goes todays points allowance, and its only lunchtime.

Mmmm, salad for tea. :(
Hi Izzy,

Great dress! I can't wait to see the photos! Don't worry about the flake-utterly irresistable- just get back on track straight away. Are you going to have a special cake for the party?
Hehe, I had a ham salad with a small serving of pasta, was actually nice. I had a sugar free jelly for pudding and I don't want anything else, so I'm at exactly 22 points today :) Never thought I'd pull that off :)

I made a princess castle cake once, it looked good from a distance, but my icing was TERRIBLE! I may have another go at that, or Tesco make Disney Princess cakes (not that I've been looking in the cake aisle, you understand :) ) Hmmm, needs some more thought perhaps.

I've been so busy planning the decorations, I hadn't really considered the cake. I can't believe it, I LOVE cake! I've bought all this dress netting in different shades of pink with vague ideas of draping it over the gazebos we're using, along with fairy lights and the butterflies I put on my Christmas tree. Oh, I don't know, it'll all come together!

I have managed to organise a pinata though, and have the essentials for a treasure hunt! lol, so childish :)
The plans are sounding good. You must have a cake, imagine the fun you could have decorating one. How many people will you invite? Are you having fairy lights?
Hell, I'm going fairy light CRAZY!! It just fits so well with a Princess theme :) I've invited 40 ish people, Knowing that probably half will turn up, a few more if I'm lucky. I've never had a big party before, so I really hope it goes well. I'm having so much fun planning it all though. I'm thinking I may do a pass the parcel as well, you know, really get into the childish side. I mean, if Disney theme isn't the time, then when is??!

So today I've not been perfect. I've had 25 points instead of 22, but I don't think it'll lead to a gain. I did really well until I got home from work. OH came to visit as a surprise :) But he uttered those fatal words "Shall we go out and get some food?" I started off saying no, I had something in the freezer. Well I did, for ME. Not enough for him. So I caved in. I looked at the points in stuff first though!

Can you believe its better points wise to go to KFC than Wetherspoons? I know, right! So I had A two piece chicken meal. Swapped my big bit of chicken for OHs crispy strip to save a point :)

That would have been fine, exactly 22 points. But then he decided he wanted some "snacks" Did I want anything? Well, I thought perhaps a mini milk or some calippo shots if they had any, so I went in with him. Came out with a 200g of Haribo sours. Diligently divided them into six piles, wrapped up five and hid them around my room. Brought back some memories, let me tell you :(

Anyway, I ate my little 6th and THEN looked up the points. WHY DO I DO THAT?! 3 points. Though what I expected I don't know. LOL, clearly just being weak willed. Oh well. At least I'm doing much better this week. 2 days till weigh in and I'm actually feeling pretty optimistic. :)

Hmm, no Wii fit tonight - I ache too much from the last 3 days!!!
Excellent! I told one of the ladies I work with today about your party plans, (we are both a bit jealous now), so you have now gone international! (The conversation then turned to her daughter's birthday party- five- on July 3rd, which I'm now attending)

I reckon pass the parcel sounds great, what will you have as prizes?

Don't worry too much about the extra today, it's not much!
3lbs, 3lbs,3lbs!!! :D

That well and truly makes up for last week!

Hey minusfour, you should throw your own Disney party - It'll be AWESOME! Go on, do it! :)
IDK, promising to keep my diary and then not updating for 4 days - disgraceful!

I've had a lovely weekend with the OH, just relaxing in the sun and getting burnt! We had a picnic on Sunday, Pizza Saturday night and I ate a bar of galaxy. All within my points limit! I really feel I've got the hang of this now. It's like a little light bulb has gone on. I eat too many points for lunch, its not the end of the world, I just choose something with a lower points value for dinner. Pasta is a God send. I've been terrified of the stuff, but 75g only has one point. Theres not much else you can get that low, and FILLING!

I can't believe it's taken me my whole life to get that it's not a case of "all or nothing."

Oh well, at least I get it now :)

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