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Jaqys, defection complete......

Have eaten loads of forbiddens over Xmas and new year and am ready to be back to strictly dukan.

Not weighing myself until the end of the month, christmas was depressing enough without beating myself up over weightgain this month.

6 days of pp with 1.5 spoons oatbran followed by 1/1 and 2 spoons.

Glad to be back, excited to hear how other kickstarts are going.

My aunt came out of hospital yesterday and her case turned up the day before, so at least she'll go from hospital gowns to her own clothes.

Had a couple of fun days back in London, was pretty exhausted but still hit the shops (more new jeans-yay for monsoon, jumpers, a dress and a top) and some shows and enjoyed naked Jake g in love and other drugs :D

Hope Santa was nice to all and the motivation fairy is making regular visits to all.
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welcome back hun
dont beat yourself up were all in the same boat (except a couple with their halos still intact )

Forgot how hungry I can be when starting out :(

Stocked up on a tonne of meat and yogurt.
Sainsburys had trays of 1/2 price chicken thighs, £1.50 for 6, need to take skin off but still works out bargain.
Also got lean beef, steak, turkey mince and yogurts.

Got stock out of freezer(made loads before Xmas) for soup for tomorrow.

Will make meatloaf tomorrow to heat up for tues/weds, and will try and remember to cook up some trout for work lunches.

Sooooo not looking forward to getting up for the bus Tuesday morning :(
yep mines a bit hit and miss till kids back at school then big shop and a major diet strike


is going to loose!
Jaqys, great to hear that you aunt is on her way back to proper clothes and her health!

OMG and how much excitement do you have?!!! IT'S GREAT.

Scrumper I have only just been able to get back into it myself, today. As Xmas is all done and dusted. Hubby back to work this morning and all visitors have left until end of Jan now.

Motivation fairy has seen me loose 400gm this morning :). I began healthy eating 2 days ago, but Dukaning as of today properly, and she also has motivated me to do 15 mins in the gym (including 140 sit ups) and I now going to take Chief for a walk, for 30 mins.

Glad to see you back and in fine form hun xx
Great that things are on the up for your Aunt, Jaqys.:)

Best of luck (not that you need it, you sound VERY focused) with your restart.

(I had lots of forbiddens too, but I thoroughly enjoyed them so refuse to feel guilty...too much).
Thanks all. Well done Bren on the loss and the exercise.

I too enjoyed the forbiddens over Xmas, and I don't feel guilty, with the hospital visits and trying to make things easier for my parents there's just no way I could have dieted properly. I'm hoping having had pretty much everything I enjoy over Xmas I won't be craving anything now.

Day 1 survived. Forgot how much I need to wee on attack, annoying but a good sign I'm dropping weight.

Soup is on in slow cooker, thanks again to all who encouraged me to get it.


** Chief WITCH **
I refuse to allow myself any guilt feelings either. I made my own choices over the holiday and really didn't have to eat as much! Given that I've not tasted food or drink in about a week, I really could and SHOULD have been gnawing on cardboard!

I was in London Wednesday Jaq... lovely weather NOT! Went to Zizzi's for lunch near London bridge overlooking the water...
Day 2 going well.
Muller+bran for breakfast, chicken soup for lunch, yogurt bit later. Fair bit of tea/coffee.

Meatloaf made, trout defrosting.
Rest of soup keeping warm, will have some eggs for dinner too.

Some snow earlier but didn't settle, phew.

Still post-Christmas tired so watching lots of chuck and doing little else.
Sooo staying away from the scales for a month is out the window on day 3 but at 205.6 I'm not going to be beating myself up. Less than my last update here, gives me hope for conso.

I'm somehow up and on the bus, do not appreciate being back to early starts in the dark. Fortunately yesterdays snow didn't come to anything but it's coooooold.

Day 3
Muller lite
Trout and chicken
Yogurt if hungry
Meatloaf with bran, eggs if needed
Lotsa water, not much exercise.


is going to loose!
Jaqys, great going really on a lower WI than you last posted! Excellent news for the start of Attack and to a new thinner you! xx

Hope the weather isnt too daunting and your day passes quickly.



** Chief WITCH **
I'm not feeling sluggish just depressed that daylight is again gone from my life ;)
Was so nice yesterday to have the blinds open and be able to read in natural light.
I'm sleeping better since being at home, less stress, less people, no skysports to watch the cricket on to all hours ;)

Had an annoying attack headache last night but feel pretty good today.


** Chief WITCH **
:D :D isn't ketosis a wonderful thing!
Had trout and chicken for lunch but I'm as bloated as if I'd eaten a loaf of bread :(
Still feeling hungry but putting off eating yogurt to allow me to deflate a bit, grrrrrrrrr.
Walk home deflated me. Sooo hungry when I got home had meatloaf, 2 eggs, from frais with cinnamon and coffee with skim milk.

Feeling super cold tonight.


** Chief WITCH **
Walk home deflated me.
Glad I wasn't walking behind you!! ;)

Sounds like you're going great guns! That hunger will normally calm down once you're in ketosis properly. (I've not suffered with it this time "thanks to" being full of cold symptoms!)


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