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Jayne's Refeed diary

Day 1:

B - main bar
L- main bar
D - chicken salad - (lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, peppers)

about 3L water plus a few coffee with milk.

Felt awful after the dinner - bloated and yuck.

Day 2
B - Shake
L - small chicken salad as day 1
D - small tuna salad - nicer than the chicken one.

2L water plus some coffees with milk.
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Back to reality!
Hey hun,
How are you feeling about everything now? You will get used to eating again and I promise that panicky feeling will go!
T x
Hey, I wasn't AS bad yesterday. I didn't feel great after my lunch but after my dinner I was OK. Dunno if this is because it was tuna instead of chicken. In any case I've got tuna as my salad dish today and have got a baked spud sorted for dinner at work later (yippee). I was just gonna have tuna on this and some virtually ff cream cheese so I'll see how that goes. Bit apprehensive about it cause my body's not that great with carbs anyway. I can but try!!
Thanks for askin xx
Day 3
b - main bar
l - tuna salad
d - baked potato with fat free cream cheese and tuna

3l water and coffee

day 4
b - main whip omg loved it
l - power protein bar
d - baked potato ff cream cheese , herbs, onion and skinless flame grilled chicken with a yoghurt - shape zero as afters.
Snack after work of low gi homemade fruit loaf

day 5
b - main bar
l - summer fruit maint drink
d - baked potato with laughing cow extra light cheese and a prawn salad
snack of some more of my fruit loaf - damn it that stuffs nice!
I also had a small ice cream - whippped. I read they r only medium gi - hope I've not screwed things up!!!

How does this look to u guys - ok or what? I am clueless :sigh:. I kinda feel like I must be gaining weight tho....... :cry:
Today felt like quite a difficult day for me. I was on duty so had to eat on the move.
B - LT shake
L - main bar plus a pot of custard
D - main whip and 2 slices of homemade Low gi bread

Snack whilst trying to control 10,000 people was a power protein bar.

Feel quite bloated now tho
Yesterday I had
B - LT shake
L - main bar with black coffee
D - seared tuna steak on mixed bean salad
(had 3 x forkfulls of banoffee of my mums) - bad I know.

Snack at home: Low GI homemade oat muffins

Today so far:
B - LT shake
L - main bar
snack - protein bar and 3 bits dried apple

Had a litre of water so far and 2 massive cups of coffee - 1 milk, one without.

Planning on having a main whip for dinner.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Don't want to sound too harsh here sweet but you don't really seem to be following the refeed plan - what with all your snacks etc ...

I don't see much fruit or salad stuff the last few days (remember your 5 a day! ;)) You seem to be having alot of the maintainence products, and your planning on having 3 today - seriously consider having another read of the refeed and following it to the letter then start something like following a low gi.

Just a suggestion chick :) x
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It's not harsh - I need a boot up the arse I think. I'm starting over tomoro cause I thought I'd done what I needed to do for the first few days but clearly it's gone pearshaped. I'll keep putting my food on here and please feel free to comment on everything I'm eating. I am totally new to this, and probably fairly naive. Any criticism is equally as greatly received as anything else. If you think something needs said then please go ahead cos it's probably something I need to hear (read). Thank you xx
Ok, so the key is to plan and prepare right?
So then here's my menu for tomorrow (lunch made already):

B - LT Main bar

L - salad (small cereal bowl size) this is made up of various peppers, red onion, cucumber, tomato. With this I'm having 5oz of skinless plain flame grilled chicken breast. I also have about 3 tablespoons of completely fat free greek strained yoghurt with a handful of berries mixed in. Not sure if I can have honey or not so haven't bothered.

D - will be a small baked potato, with some salad same as above and probably some tuna with fat free cream cheese and extra onion. If i need a pudding I've got some shape zero yoghurts - I could have one of those.

How does this sound to everyone? OK? Sorry to be a pest.xx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Tomorrow looks a million times better chick and you will probably feel slot better for it :)

If I want a desert I live a chopped up apple with a lf yog poured over the top - feels much more like a 'desert'.

Oh and your not being a pest it's what this forum is for! :D xx
thanks hun, just feel like I don't have a clue about what I'm doing. You lot all seem like pros at this and I feel a bit thick at the minute lol.
Well I stuck to my meal plan today, as above but I had an apple at about 1130. Hoping that won't make any difference.
I do drink quite a lot of coffee though, all with milk in it (no sugar tho) - I suppose maybe that all makes a difference. Also had 2l of water at work today.


Back to reality!
Hey hun,
Your menu today looks great. Don't worry about the apple and the coffee- as long as your not having sugar in it, it should be fine. DO you have skimmed or semi skimmed milk?
T x
I have skimmed at home but semi skimmed at work.

I bloated out again after the salad today, I wonder if it's something in it that doesn't agree with me. That'd be tricky, trying to maintain a healthy diet and not be able to eat salad lol
well, today I've had.....
B - maintenance bar and a coffee
L- seared tuna with lime and crack black pepper with a mixed salad and a v. small baked potato. A shape zero with a handfull of mixed fruit/nuts.
D - was soooo tired after being up since 5am just had another main bar, with a bucket of coffee then another bit of yoghurt with some dried blueberries/cranberries.

As a snack between lunch/dinner I had some dried apple rings. These bloated me out big time so they're put in the sin bin!! I couldve done without them TBH - they were there so I ate them *sigh*.

I got myself some digestive enzymes. I'm hoping this helps stuff go down quicker/less bloating. I hope it's not forbidden to have 2 main bars in one day? I had a really good lunch and was so tired at tea time that I just wrapped on cooking. *bangs head against nearest brick wall*
Tomoro I'm heading to see my sister. Planning to have main bar either just before I leave, or take it with me and have it when I arrive. She wants to go out for lunch so I'll have to go easy there, she's a skinny cow and eats like a horse and a size 8 hangs off her (she's tall like me). Rubbish lol xx
Well I didn't do too well in my first re-feed did i? Went back on TFR for a week which took me down to my weight after the 7 weeks of TFR.

So now I'm on day 4 of my 2nd attempt at refeed and things are going great, I'm actually still losing.

I've cut the peppers out of my salads and it seems to have done the trick with my bloating! :p I'm a bit miffed cos I really like them but it's obviously a trigger food for me.

So back down to 10st 10lbs now and very happy with that thank you.

I've had a whip for breakfast and will be doing salad for lunch and dinner.

Let this be a lesson to anyone re-feeding. Do it 100% by the book and do not deviate at all. Just glad I nipped it in the bud when I did :kissass:
oh AND i got into my size 10 mini skirt yesterday, which I've not fitted into for 5 years. Yipppppeeee!
Well done on the mini skirt Princess! Good to read your diary, thanks.
Emma x


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Hey! Wondered why i hadnt been subscribed to a diary of yours! You seem to always post over on ours!

How are you finding it now sweet?
Have you finished your 2nd refeed now? xxx

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