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Jellyz cc diary to keep me on the right track (hopefully)

I have looked at a few diarys and thought it would be a good way to track my cc and to keep me on track knowing I will have to make an entery everyday so here we go Please feel free to leave comments and correct me if i'm wrong thank you....:thankyou:

Breakfast small bowl of special k cerial and ss milk = 200 cal

Lunch slices of ww brown bread roast chicken slice and small spoon of coleslaw and a few slices of cucumber =258 cals

Walkers crisp c&o = 131 cals
Alpen summer friuts light bar = 70 cals

Dinner 2 roast chicken legs = 132 cals
McCain rustic chips
2 tsp green giant sweetcorn
Salad & small tbs of light salad cream
all above working out closely to =500 cals

and so stuffed after dinner just had low fat jelly = less then 10 cals

After adding a few boring bit in between (2 cups of coffee and juice):7834: today works out to 1250 cals

I also did 1hour gym workout and a one hour walk on the school run with an half an hour walk there and back..:bliss:

Should be aiming for 1400 cals a day because I only want to lose 1-21bs a week to keep it off but just cant eat anymore very full up from my dinner....:eating: a good day I think......:wavey:
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Day 2 of food diary..

Breafast and lunch the same as yesterday=458 cals

Dinner -lean mince beef cooked in pasta sauce a hand full of pasta with carrots and a tiny sprinkle of cheese=400 cals

in between 2 packs of crisp=250:whistle:

drinks coffee and water = 100 cals

In total=1208 cals

and gonna have a ww chocolate dessert 62 cals

Had a good day today went a bought some lovely body analysis scales from Argos that saves me from embarrasing myself on the very wobbley very loud scales in Boots witch I hate,:cry: the thought of never using them again was worth every penny lol:worthy:
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Day 3 of diary

Breakfast special K and milk=200cals

Lunch sandwich chicken slice and salad=200 cals

Dinner WW ready made meal with salad and mushrooms= 400cals

crisp=131 cals

Alpen summerfriuts light bar=70 cals

Laughing cow tryangle spread with 2 slices of rivita=105 cal

total cals for the day =1106 cals so far for the day..

Good day might eat a few more snacks to bring up my cals, but i'm off shopping with my two girls tomorrow and they have asked me for McDonalds.:help2:. so will prob have a very low cal lunch and a lower cal option from Mcdonalds and a large glass of wine when i get home:party0036:...So glad its friday...Oh and got to wiegh in with the friday girls tomorrow:wavey:
Yay well done with keeping a diary... Im not honest enough to do that yet as I know I would only write the good points down and not the naughty ones like the pancakes that Happen to "jump" into my mouth!! Hope your enjoying the forums and doing well? I do blame you for my sudden addiction to "colin the caterpillar jellies tho) ha ha xx
Hi thanks for popping in:thankyou: i'm hoping it will keep me on the right track knowing I have to check in everday...It really helps with the cc aswell..I wont report in today had Mcd's with the kids this evening and haveing a large glass of wine at the mo:party0036:and why not its friday and had a very busy week worn out and I think I deserve it...Back on track 2mrw(hopefully)...:wavey:
Had a very busy weekend with the kids so no time to update no diary:bliss:Been keeping on track with my cc and I was so pleased to recieve a ballon from the friday girls this week:clap: along with miss bee and miss mango for loosing 21b this week.Not sure if I can make it to the gym this week so going to be strcik with myself and try and go for another 1b or 21b this week

Today 1200cals in total..wil go into more detail tomorrow...:wavey:
Thanks honey for popping in..:thankyou: Things are getting harder now week 3 and temptation is creeping in:hide:.I started a work placement in a new office today and there's food everywhere biscuts cakes all things great.:whistle:.My boss made sandwich's and i'm talking two trays fulls for the meeting today errgg :d'oh:.. everyone eating away and there was me with my m&s healthy choice sandwich and light alpen bar with my skinny mochca coffees, what must they of thought:confused:... I think today had been the hardest day so far so wanted to give in and eat away with everyone else but I never... treated myself to some wine gums on the way home 170 cals per pack witch I shared with my daughter when
I picked her up from school so dont feel so bad...Feeling deflated and want to eat everything I see, but tomorrows another day back to the office and hope I stay focus ....:sad0071: :wave_cry:
sounds like you managed to stay really strong in the face of temptation today!
you should feel proud of yourself for that,cos it can be so hard at times:sigh:
good that you were able to treat yourself to the winegums,you deserved them,and dont sound a lot of cals for sweets!
wish they were veggie,though maybe it's good they're not cos i probably wouldn't stop at one pack ha ha!i've stayed on track today,sandwich and apple for lunch and ww pizza and rustics for dinner,should have had some veg but ah well,will have lots of veg tommorow instead.
hope you are enjoying your job luv.
catch you again soon.:D

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Hey hun, just found your diary too, you've inspired me to start one for myself too, I'm feeling so bloated and sick tonight after my lamb dinner and I had a banana fritter afterwards....ewww....I can't face food at all for the next few days - don't worry though I will eat! Lol! I'm just going to go light like fruit and baked potatoes.

Anyway, keep up the good work with your diet and diary, looking forward to keeping track with you! Oh and congrats on getting your balloon too! X
:)Thank you and well done to you too on your ballon, its a nice feeling isnt it. Was having a bit of a down day yesterday:sigh: but back on track today think it was proberly pmt...I had a couple of biscuits everyone kept offering me so I just had 2 to be polite and shut them up but later I managed to get hold of the packet, at this stage feeling like a bit of a cc addict and saw 79 cal per biscuit..But they were nice:whistle: your dinner and desert sounds lovely dont worrie about it since i've started cc I have felt less hungrey I think the small low cal snack's in-between have been keeping me quite full, A diary is a very good idea keeps me on track and does help with the cc aswell:)...I got your friends request thank you keep in touch and let me know where you post your diary..

Hi Miss bee how are you glad to see your staying on top of things,:clap: I havent even looked at my scales this week so will leave them untill friday morning with it being tom hoping things will settle down by then, I must try a ww pizza you have them quite a bit i'm not really a pizza person the last time I had one was when I was at yours..works good thrown in at the deep end today but all good yesterday was a difficult day so thanks for your support:thankyou:..Take care hun catch up soon..xx
Hi i'm calorie counting and healthy eating avoiding all nice things basically,:sigh: to be honest I dont think its been a great week had a total change of rutine and not stayed to focus because I done so well last week... Been a bit vague with my diary but back on track as of tomorrow,:copon:

What about yourself how are you doing with heathly eating??:wavey:
Hi Jellyzee, Was reading thro' your posts and am surprised to see that you, like so many young ones today, are not eating much in the way of fruit and veg, a vital part of a diet to keep you in good health.
Sorry, but being an oldy I wouldn't dream of "dieting" without these essential items. They are great for snacks and for making a meal more filling. (I'm not talking about potato)
However, hope you continue to have success. All the best.

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