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Jet's exercise diary - Advice, comments and criticsm needed. New to this! (Justin?)


Shoot to thrill
Hi all.
I've never been very good at the exercise thing, I don't know a lot about it because I've never been very active. I know loads about the nutrition side of this weightloss thing but I need your help.

Last night I did.

15 Mins Hatha Yoga - ground work.
2x 10 reps of crunches (ow)
10 seconds in the plank position (on my knees but the next step would've been without them, so they were very far back.)
10 Lunges
10 Squats

About 30 mins total.

Now. I'm feeling the benefits because I'm achey and my heart rate was really up from all that. Is there anything I should add / modify to make this more effective.

I will start upping the time I have for it, but starting with 30-45 mins works with my schedule for the next few weeks.

Also how often should I be exercising, because it's only 30mins am I okay to do it once a day?
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Shoot to thrill
22 minutes on EA Sports active - 176 cals burned - medium intensity
Walking / running x 2
Side Lunges x 2
Bicep curls
Front shoulder raises
Squats x 2
Inline skating (crouching then jumping when instructed)
Rowing something (??)

Probably some more stuff i've forgotten through sheer exhaustion.
I'm knackered...
Hi Jet,

If you're looking for my advice there's not much more basic info I could tell you that I haven't already said in my first couple of posts here.

Check out the TBT post and maybe the Core post. They should help you enough.

If you want a bit more indepth info though, I'll be happy to advise you over PM.
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Shoot to thrill
Thank you Justin, I'll check out your posts!


Yesterday I did 26 minutes on EASA burning 178cals.
This included:
High knees
Various upper body strength stuff.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Well done on using EASA! I'm on my second 30 day challenge and I'm losing inches off my hips and waist and the definition on my arms is really marked (tho I got a stronger band). It's got me from couch potato to execising nearly every day! Keep going!

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