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Jo Jo will not Yo-Yo anymore!!

well here goes... ive been reading a lot of diaries on here the last few weeks and joining in with other threads but think im going to give the diary thing a go myself.

Im not the best at always updating diaries etc even paper ones so you may have to bear with me but I promise to give it my best go I honestly think that having this diary will help me even more :rolleyes:

as my diary title suggests I have yo yo'd a lot with my weight over the years and considering im only 25 I think back and think that's quite scary and sad really!! Having done WW and the atkins diets in the past even dabbling with meal2go but in SW I do think i've finally found the diet that will help me succeed in being the skinnier, healthier, happier me! By now 6 weeks in I would have faltered at some point, missed a meeting, put on pounds and pounds but not this time and i'm determined that its going to stay that way! :)

I dont have too many things that interefere with my dieting efforts having to move back in with parents and brother at the end of this month but as Im doing SW with mum this should help (although she can be my biggest demon at times!!) main thing for me is fitting a healthy eating plan in with still enjoying life I like to eat out and I like alcohol which does unfortunately lead to late night visits to the takeaway or snacking! And the usuall challenges that work can pose to any change in diet. However as I said feeling motivated still and feel like im making better choices.

Ive been so motivated/inspired by stories and posts on here by all you lovely people and hope that I can keep achieveing on my journey like you all. I look forward to sharing some of my trials, tribulations and hopefully successes with you all and even if nobody's reading at least it may be a little therapeutic :p
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Congratulations for deciding to go for it. If you want it so badly like I do you will suceed. At our age (I'm 26) we should be able to put a stop to this so we can truly enjoy the rest of our years !! Lets put this behind us and GET SLINKY !!

Hi Jo, I'm with you on the yoyo dieting..not something we mean to do, it just happens, doesn't it?

Glad you have the determination now to keep to your chosen regime and with your mum too for company.
Do hope that you will achieve your desired goal and don't be too despondent when a blip occurs as that does happen to us all at one time or another. Just try to shake it off and get back to things a.s.a.p....:D

Hope your brother has recovered from his car crash...

Take care and all the very best to you....:)
I did take a long time to think of my diary name after so many good ones on here hahaha!

your right Karen now is the best time to get ourselves sorted i've already spent so many of my years half living my life already. You've done so well too its so good to see everybody else doing so well makes me feel more positive.

Lili thankyou I wish you every success as well.

Emmaline I know what you mean I do mean to keep going down in the pounds but some how managed to yo yo year after year! And yes I have prepared myself for my inevitable difficulties I know that something will test me I just hope that I am strong enough to work through it this time! Brother has recovered fine in fact he's currently sunning himself in greece some ppl get all the luck!!

Good luck Jo!

i'm starting out too! And i'm a yo-yoer! Let's do this for the last time!

Ok so as I said im pretty rubbish at updating diaries always have been I'm going go make a concerted effort this week to update more often I know this helps I suppose it's just laziness!

Anyways after a disappointing WI last week (I only lost a pound and thought I had had a much better week than that!) I was feeling determined when I left class to have a week as well as I did my first. I have been very good this week and kind of gone back to basics writing everything down and not eating anything unless I've known the syns before they pass my lips. Was inspired really by the talk in class last week but I suppose that's what it's all about. Am doing this diet with mum as I mentioned and she has been very naughty this week chocolate, crisps, sweets and more of the above but I have still managed to keep focused and am so hoping the scales show that tomorrow at WI. 3lbs will give me my stone award and I know that that will make me feel so good :)
So WI on tuesday and was after that magic three pounds for my first stone. Was actually very nervous but I achieved it I did think I had worked bard enough to gain my three pounds but as we all know u never can tell.

Anyhow it felt fabulous very pleased at achieving a stone off in 7 weeks and has made me determined to continue. Am aiming for at least two pounds a week before Xmas meaning I would be just short of three stones lost and would be the best Xmas present ever particularly with my birthday the week before Xmas. Have joined an Xmas challenge on here these boards do help me immensely.

This week has started well have managed to keep to plan altho havent been able to go shopping properly am awaiting payday!! So far today have eaten an apple for breakfast as was a late start bowl of pasta with tomatoes and hexa of extra light laughing cow followed by banana and mullerlight.

In other news am a bit racked of today with stuff at home to cut a long story short am having to return to living at home after 6 months in my own flat mainly due to financial issues prob is that dynamics have changed since I moved out and younger brothers girlfriend has practically moved in as well. Am dreading it she's there all the time and parents house is not big enough for 5 of us. Feel like a spare part already and havent moved back in properly yet. Coupled with the fact I feel I've totally failed with having to move back home so soon and sine finishing uni have moved on in my life none whereas all of my friends and family have caught me up and overtaken me. I just keep getting told that I'm not the only one with problems and to have experienced things like this and to suck it up basically but feeling so rubbish about yourself is not easy. Especially when everybody thinks you should just get on with it.

Sorry about the long post just needed to get it off my chest and this seems like a good place.
jo-85 said:
Welcome I do tend to just rant on here as u have prob always guessed but also is nice to share my journey. X
Oh rant away! I'll be doing the same on mine :) x
Ok so another week WI down. Have had a real mixed week haven't been too well with a cold and a bit down so have not been 100% focused on diet. On the other hand I have had some good days on plan so didn't know what to expect from WI. So more nerves than usual getting on the scales and 1lb down. :)

Determined to have another good week and 13lbs away from my 10 percent I can almost touch it it's that close. And felt spurred by a colleague today who said that I had inspirer her to try SW again with how well I and done and how I was looking. It's so nice to hear comments like that :)

Elsewhere last stuff to do tomorrow to finish moving back into parents a one my flat key la go back Thursday still feeling a bit down but not as bad as i did the weekend. I know it's the right decision and at least what I'm saving in rent can be saved up for my new wardrobe I'm hoping I'll need soon :)
Yay it's Friday! has been a long week with moving and been mega short staffed work as well especially in this heat. So looking forward to chilling out within SW of course want to feel happy on those scales on Tuesday :) so did originally plan to have a good drink this evening then thought it's really not worth it. This would never have occurred to me before SW has changed me!! :)

Had a good start to the week still wondering when I'm going to start feeling weight loss in my clothes tho! Def going to start and exercise regime and hope that helps with this.

Going to a friends for dinner tonight and the two friends im seeing havent seen since I've started SW will be interesting to see if weight loss is noticed altho they did know I was doing SW!

Then off shopping tomorrow able to replenish the SW friendly foods in the house will be glad this diet isn't easy when you aren't prepared!!
jo-85 said:
Then off shopping tomorrow able to replenish the SW friendly foods in the house will be glad this diet isn't easy when you aren't prepared!!
Totally agree! I get really stuck and I'm
No where near being in the position to run into the supermarket and grab and buy lunch unless it's fruit!
Emmey1 said:
Totally agree! I get really stuck and I'm
No where near being in the position to run into the supermarket and grab and buy lunch unless it's fruit!
Ditto preparation is key.

Had a lovely evening at dinner altho friends did not notice weight loss which is disappointing altho am still waiting to be able to notice it myself.

Was difficult to syn dinner last night as somebody else was cooking the food itself was pretty healthy asparagus, fish just am unsure what it was cooked in etc. I also drove so only had one small glass of beer and then was drinking diet coke after that.

So today's plans are as i said yesterday shopping to replenish SW stocks (altho this is having to wait till after watching England boys in the rugby!) am due to go out this evening and would like a drink this evening so am going to come up with a contingency plan to keep syns to a minimum.........
So another weekend nearly over with :(

had a lovely day today have been to my nan's house and with the lovely sunshine has been lovely. only problem has been the food that goes with the visit. So much temptation and I'm disappointed to say I caved in not once but twice :( (embarrassed!) wanted so badly to have another good week but again as last week was it's been a bit hit and miss and today has been terrible. Tuesday can't come quick enough so I can put this whole week behind me :(

On the bright side im pretty much all unpacked again at home so can start settling back into living as part of a family again that bit may be easier typed than done!! :)
Hi there just been reading your diary and i have to say well done. You are doing great, dont beat yourself up we all have slips up and this is a plan for life not just a diet. Just get straight back on plan and you never know you may just get away with it.

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