job interview tomorrow lol slight problem


6 stone to lose!
haha well i have a job interview tomorrow i have two infact but my suit trousers (size 22) are now dropping off me like properly hitting the floor if i dont hold them up and my suit jacket now fits wooohooo

so ive gone back to front my suit jacket now fits me shock horror but my trousers are falling down lol will have ot make sure i wear pretty panties so if i walk in the interview and my trousers fall down they will have pretty panties to look at lol and i may still get the job!!!:8855:
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6 stone to lose!
i would buy a belt but my interview is at 9am!!! lol shops dont open till 9am lol so wont have time oh dear!


6 stone to lose!
My mums belt is to small for me, and all my friends are like stick insects so no point asking them!! im going to have to drive into attic tomorrow morning and see if i can find one!

Strictly Shaz

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Best wishes for the interview.

At the weekend I did hand sewing taking in between 3" and 5" of the waistbands of every pair of work trousers (black slacks). It was quite boring but had to be done after one pair did fall down on me during the week (only two weeks on LL but have lost two stone already).

Can you not get a needle and thread and make a "Z" shape flap of the waistband, sewing the top Z over the top of the bottom of the Z, thus reducing the waistband by the required amount ....?

If not needle and thread, then just safety pins, perhaps? !!!

LOL! Best wishes!


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good luck with the interview more importantly good luck with the trousers lol x


6 stone to lose!
well interview went well lol had to go with the pretty pants theory! lol but made sure the trousers were well pulled up before going in and tried to make as little movement as possible!!

AND>>>> was in suit walking down the road not only did workies whistle at me saying look at the curves on that lmao cos my waist has totally gone in but a guy down town also whistled, now normally id take that as theya re taking the p*ss but i thought haaaaaaaaaaaaa how great is this lol laughed and put my head up held onto my trousers for sheer life as walking past workies as not up for given them a pretty panty show lol and walked proudly!


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Glad it went so well Jodie, and woohoo on the


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Hope you feel great! Did the interview go ok?

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Glad to hear the interview went well and that your trousers stayed up!

and brilliant to hear the whistles, it's always nice to get unsolicited compliments!