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ProPoints Jodies Food Diary

I thought I would start a food diary! If anyone can give me tips where I'm going wrong I'd appreciate it!

2 weetabix with semi skimmed milk and canderel sugar - 4 points

Mid morning
1 apple

Half tin of tuna in brine drained - 1 point
Krafts light French dressing - 1 point
1 weight watcher yoghurt - 1 point

Mid afternoon
1 mini weight watcher chocolate - 1 point
1 oatabix toffee cereal bar - 2 points

1 gammon steak (removed the fat) - 6 points
1 fried egg (used fry light oil) - 2 points
About 6 potaoe wedges (cooked for the boyfriend but I pinched a couple)- 3 points (probably not that many points but iv allowed that for them)

1 curly wurly - 3 points
1 krisproll - 1 point
Diet coke - 0 points

Milk allowance - 2 points

Total 27 points.
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Right iv been useless with this diary so I'm starting again...

Weetabix 4
Tea 2
Vegetable soup 5
Weight watcher yoghurt 1
3 apples
150g chicken 3
Weight watcher tortilla wrap 1
Weight watcher chocolate brownie 2
50g ice cream 3
Can of diet coke.

Total 28 pp
Here to follow,Jodie. Saw your other post,hope things start moving with you soon. Agree with other posters about bread being a demon (that said,had 5 slices today!! But will not be expecting miracles on WI day)
So best of luck! Xxx
40g porridge skimmed milk 5 points
3 apples
Can of diet coke
Vegetable soup 5 points
Weetabix cereal bar 2 points
67g bacon 5 points
2 drumsticks and 3 toffees (not sure of points but pointed it at 4 )
Merange 1 point
1 cookie (couldn't resist was in a boring meeting) 3 point
Tea 2 points
Ketchup 2 points

Activities - 1 hour of circuit training
just had a look through you're diary hun

if you have more than one of the same type of fruit a day you have to point it, so three apples would be 4 points i think, i know it's 2 points for 1 extra apple.

on the 2nd food diary i can only count 21?

29 points is the minimum you should have per day sweetie, and you really need to use some weeklies especially when you exercise.
Weds 23.08

Weetabix and skimmed milk 4
2 apples (pointed them as 0 but it must be 2!)
Can of diet coke
125g chicken 3
Korma sauce 3
Vegetable soup 4
Weight watcher yoghurt 1
1 weight watcher nann bread 3
2 slices of garlic bread 4
Weight watcher cake 2
12.5g whipped cream 1
Hot chocolate 1
Tea allowance 2
Never knew that either! My leader told us to 'use our common sense' when it came to fruit...and not go crazy on it. I suppose it could slow your weight down if you were eating mountains of it.
i love apples too and didn't much like it when my leader told me that.
i've reduced my fruit to 2 a day now (occasionally i have 3) and have more veg and my losses have got better.

i don't eat a lot of bread but the only time i have gained weight was when i was having a lot of the warby wraps.

Weetabix 4
Tea 2
Vegetable soup 5
Weight watcher yoghurt 1
3 apples
150g chicken 3
Ww tortilla wrap 1
Ww chocolate brownie 2
50g ice cream 3
Can of diet coke.
however i count i can only get this to 21
Thursday 25.08

Tea allowance 2
Porridge 5
Vegetable soup 6
Weetabix cereal bar 2
2 apples 2
Diet coke
Half garlic bread 6
Chicken 3
Salad cream 1
Curly wurly 3
Rasains 1
1 biscuit 2

29/29 3/49
1 hour circuit training
I think your allowed up to 4 pieces but our leader has said before if your up and have ate more fruit then that.. to be honest you probably didnt gain because of the fruit!

I could understand if you ate millions of bananas because they are the most fattening of the fruits.
my leader allows 5 pieces of fruit per day but of different fruits, not 5 bananas or 5 apples.

but i look at it this way it's still calories and if i have too much fruit it doesn't matter if i'm in my points or not i don't lose.

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