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JOJO's food diary


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In a bid to keep me on track, i have decided to start a food diary.

Please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions.

Breakfast - Bowl of Fruit and Fibre HEB
Semi Skimmed Milk HEA

Snack - Apple and grapes

lunch - half tin of steak in gravy (2.5 for whole tin so 1.5), new potatoes, peas, carrots, mushrooms.

snack - banana

dinner - roast chicken, sw roast potatoes, sweetcorn, carrots, gravy bisto best (2 syns)
strawberries with mullerlight.

extras: 3 haribos (3 syns?) Alpen light bar (3 syns(

Total syns: 9.5 syns
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Monday 29th March 2010 EE day

breakfast- Milk HEA
Fruit and Fibre HEB

snack - apple, banana

lunch -chicken, pasta, 2 tbspmayo lighter than light (0.5 syns per tbsp= 1 syn), chilli and jalapeno relish 1 tbsp (1.5 syns) tomato, lettuce, cucumber, beetroot.

snack - grapes, alpen light bar (3)

dinner - weight watchers sausages x 2 (1 syn), bacon, egg, tinned tomatoes, potato rosti

total syns : 6.5
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Tuesday 30 March - EE

Breakfast - fruit and fibre HEB
milk HEA (again)

snack - apple

lunch - missed lunch.

snack - orange, grapes

dinner - weight watcher tikka masala sauce (6 syns for half a jar), rice, veggies - carrots, brocolli, cauliflower.
mullerlght yoghurt

total syns : 6
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Hi JoJo.

Hope your well. Just popped for a nose :p

Couldnt help but notice you missed lunch today. Maybe you should eat something for super as you havent eaten much today. Dont go hungry on SW hun. THats the beauty of the plan.

Take care xx


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Thank you for your advice, I think i will have supper as i am starting to get to pekish, iam not normally a person to miss a meal out of choice but forgot i had to stay with my daughter this week at ballet class and normally i get to come home for an our and eat my lunch in peace!!!!

Supper - banana, mullerlight (2 syns Vanilla with cherry layer sprinkled with choc) Alpen bar.

I know not technically a proper meal but didnt really want to cook.

I will try and do better tomorrow.


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wednesday 31st march EE

Breakfast - 2 slices of wholemeal bread from 400g loaf HEB, 2 rashers of bacon (fat removed) 1 egg, yummy

snack - apple, plum

lunch- pasta, salad, mayo, tomato relish

snack - apple and grapes

dinner - sweet and sour chicken (out of 100 saucy secret book - 1.5 syns), egg fried rice fried with frylight.

200g of pineapple chunks tinned (5 syns)

Syns _ 6.5
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Thurs 1st April 2010 EE

breakfast - fruit and fibre HEB
milk HEA

snack - plum and apple

lunch - jacket potato, baked beans and
salad. Brown sauce 1tbsp (1 syn)
mullerlight yoghurt

snack - oops all going abit pear shaped!!!! i had 2 x custard creams (6 syns) crisps (5 syns) couple of haribo ( guess 3 0r 4 syns) eeeeek
muller light yoghurt, apple

dinner - oops didnt get any tea, my son had hurt his eye, husband stressed etc etc

Total syns - 16 !!!!!
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Good Friday 2 April 2010 EE

Breakfast - Milk HEA & Fruit and Fibre HEB (weighed out 1oz - oh my god i have been having about 2!!!) Grapes and a Nice sandwich Biscuit (3 syns)

Snack - Apple

Lunch - ww sausages x 2 (2 syns), bacon, egg, mushrooms, beans, tomato. Mullerlight yoghurt.

snack- 3 x nice biscuits (9) orange, microwave crisps (1 potato, fry light and salt)

dinner - chip shop - cod (didnot eat the batter) and large mushy peas

syns total - 14
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Saturday 3rd April 2010 EE

I lost 1lb this week!!!!

If anyone can give me any advise on my food diary i would be grateful.

Breakfast - 2x bread from 400g loaf HEB
beans, poached egg

snack - pineapple

lunch - pasta, salad (lots), lighter than light mayo 1tbsp (.5 syns), tomato relish 1tdsp (2syns)
mullerlight vanilla choc with cherry layer (2.5 syns)
snack - banana & oh my god peanuts!!!!! what are they for a small bag (10 syns???) malted milk biscuit (2 syns)
dinner - jacket potato, beans and salad
muller light yoghurt

Total syns - 17 - oh no!
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Sunday 4 April 2010 EE

Easter day, I want to try and stay away from as much choc as possible, but, out for sunday dinner so may allow myself a small helping of pudding depending on what it is!!

Breakfast - 2 x Weetabix HEB
Milk HEA

Snack- Plums x 2

Lunch - Pasta, salad, LTL Mayo (.5 syns) Tomato relish (1 syn)

Dinner (out at mum in laws) - beef (no fat) carrots, swede, cauliflower, yorkshire pudd (2syns), gravy (2 syns) 1 roast potato (2 syns?)
almond cake - the one with dime bar on it(10 syns??)strawberries
glass of sherry (5 syns)

total syns -22.5 syns (not too bad considering)

I will aim for 10 syns per day to pay back syns i have gone over.
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Monday 5 April EE

Breakfast - 2 x poached eggs, baked beans, 2 x bread from 400g loaf HEB

snack - apple / choc small piece (2 syns)

lunch - jacket potato, tuna in springwater, Lighter than light mayo 1 tbsp (.5Syns)

snack - micro wave crisps (potato, frylight, salt)
few kettle chips (5 syns)
mullerlight yoghurt

dinner - sw chips, mayo lighter than light (.5) tomato sauce (.5) lettuce, chicken, in breadcrumbs (4 syns)
Fudge (6 syns)

Syns - 18!!!!! So far this week gone over 12 syns. Got 4 days left so will reduce syns to 12 syns per day to try and reign it back.
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Tuesday 6 April 2010 EE

Thank goodness i am at work today, I can back into some kind of routine.

Max syns for today - 12

Breakfast - fruit and fibre HEB
Semi skimmed milk HEA

Snack - Banana

Lunch - half a tin of stewed steak in Gravy from Aldi (2.5 syns for the tin = 1.5 for half a tin), jacket potato, peas and carrots

Snack - Plums

Dinner - Chicken with mushrooms and sliced tomato baked in BBQ sauce (3 tbsp HP BBQ sauce 3 syns) Jacket Potato, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion and 3 onion rings (3 syns)

2 x Malted Milk Biscuits (4 syns)

Total Syns today - 11.5

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Mrs V

Loves Life!
One piece of advice I would give Hun, is not to "guess-timate" your syns. If you dont know the value, either come on here, dont eat it, or go on the SW website.
If you stick to plan 100% the weight will come off quicker. Have a look at some of the other food diaries on here to give you some help and tips too (they really are invaluable).

Good luck for the week.



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Yeah, your right it is really dangerous isnt it!! I think i ought to stick with, if you dont know the values- dont eat it!!!!!



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Wednesday 7 April 2010 EE

breakfast - Vanilla Mullerlight, Banana, Apple

Snack - 3 Plums & Kellogs Fibre Bar with Choc HEB milk HEA

Lunch - other half of stewing steak in gravy (1 syns), jacket potato, peas, carrots, mushrooms

snack - mullerlight

dinner - 2 egg omlette, baked beans, lettuce, tomato
Cadburys cream egg - (8.5 syns)

Total syns - 12.5
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Breakfast milk hea
fruit and fibre heb

snack - apple

lunch - tuna in brine, pasta, salad, lighter than light mayo 2 tbsp ( 1 syn). Mullerlight

snack - pineapple

dinner - homemade chicken tikka masala (2 syns for 2 tbsp Pattaks curry sauce) and rice. might even try some free onion bhaji, fromage frais and mint sauce.

treat - Kellogs Fibre plus with milk choc (5 syns)

Total syns - 8
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Hi, just looking over your diary.
I think you need to consider the amount of syns you are having. A lot of the entries you have gone over your 10 syns that is recommended with EE, although you are able to go upto 15, they do say to try and get to around 10. I personnally try to cut down on the syns the next day if I have more than 10 on the day before.

Another thing that I noticed it may help you if you incorporated more superspeed foods into your diet, if you look through your book it will provide you with a list of SS,

As you are eating a lot of plums try swapping them for Yellow plums as they are SS and normal ones aren't. Also try swapping your grapes for blackcurrents, blackberries, raspberries, redcurrents or strawberries which are all SS as grapes are not even a Sfood, and apples are only Sfoods.

Just little pointers that may help to boost your weightloss x x
Thanks stacey, any pointers are always greatfully received.

I ahave been away on holiday for a week and have been off plan, lots of picnics, meals out. enjoyed it but now i am home i am not looking forward to weight in tomorrow morning.

On the plus side i am going to get back on track tomorrow.
Mon 19 April 2010 EE

Breakfast - 2 x weetabix HEB
Semi skimmed milk HEA

snack - apple

lunch - 2 egg omlette, half tin of baked beans, mushrooms, 2 rashers of bacon (no fat) apple, kiwi fuit

snack strawberries & orange

dinner - homemade lasagne - lean minced beef steak, onion, carrots, tinned toms, herbs, oxo cube, worcester sauce, pasta sheets, Salad - lettuce, tomato, cucumber. Creme fraiche (4tbsp low cal - 6 syns) .

1 square of fruit and nut (2 syns)

Total Syns - 8
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Tuesday 20th April 2010 EE

(planned on having more but ran out of time)

snack - apple

Beef Casserole made in my new slow cooker!
Beef (all fat cut off), carrot, parsnip, cabbage, onion, stock cube.
Honey dew melon

snack - orange

dinner - chicken breast, potato, peas, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, fromage frais, honey ( 2 tsp - 2syns), wholegrain mustard ( 2 tsp - 1 syn)

Glass of Milk HEA

Crisps 5 syns

Total syns 8
Total syns:
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