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Journey to the new me!


Second day back on slimming world and having read through lots of food diaries, decided to give it a go, seeing my eating habits in black and white will hopefully help me along.

Starting with a green week so day 1(tues) was:


HEB - 28g porridge
HEA - 250ml semi milk (half in porridge - rest thru day if needed)
Free - Banana
Free - Coffee


Low fat supernoodles


Free-2 frylight eggs, half tin baked beans, SW wedges


Free - 2 mandarins, Shape 0% yog (are these still free, need to check)

2 syns - Options hot choc

Had planned to have cereal bar as supper but went to bed early! Felt ok today, motivated and not deprived at all, actually weird getting my head round eating the sw way again after points.
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Hi loopy loo
Best of luck with your weight loss journey! Those slimming world wedges are really nice - I might have those tomorrow :) Ive started back on slimming world this week and I really feel I am actually eating so much more food than when I am not on the diet. Its so nice to be eating healthily, but not feeling hungry.

Yep its weird, I find it quite strange getting my head around the fact that eating more will get you losing weight, just goes against what you are led to believe about dieting and depriving yourself..I gues thats how SW works! And I dont know what I would do without SW wedges and chips, I put seasonings on them too which makes them extra tasty.

Day 2


HEB - 2 weetabix
HEA - 250ml semi milk
Free - Banana, Coffee


Free - Tomato and Basil pasta and sauce, 2 mandarins


1 syn - 2 quorn burgers
HEA - 3 laughing cow light triangles
HEB - Bacon 50g
Free - Rice with half a stock cube, beetroot

About 2 litres water today :)

Going to try up veg and fruit intake. Had a bit of a horrible moment when watching tv with kids in evening, they still working through easter eggs and I love chocolate! But had a wee chat to myself and decided I would rather keep syns spare in case the vodka starts calling, kids have been off school today and yep the vodka is calling so going to have a coupke tonight once they are tucked up. Worked out for the best in the end.

day 3

HEB - 28g porridge
HEA - semi milk
free - coffee

2 syns - Creamy cheese Mugshot
Free - mandarins

Free - Onion Mushroom curry with HEB chicken
Free - Boiled rice

1.5 syns - meringue nests
1 syn - sugar free jelly
18 syns - vodka -eep!

Day 4
Breakfast (late)
HEB - 2 weetabix
HEA - semi milk

Free - Mandarins, muller light and a banana

Free - onion mushroom curry HEB chicken, seasoned sliced potato, fried rice (frylight, soy sauce and egg)

2 syns - Rich tea biscuit
4 syns - Aero lamb

syns used 31.5

Feeling fairly positive going into the weekend! time will tell lol xx

thats my line drawn, whats very clear to me is that alcohol sabotages my good planning!!

Did really well with my meals everything went well until sat night, friends appeared round with wine. Went over syns with alcohol, felt terrible on sunday and while I tried to stick to plan I had a few indulgences! Steak pie and chocolate- aaarrggh. Yesterday was a bad day emotionally too, still so much goin on personally and I reach for the comfort of food. I havent gone totally mad though and had a binge, just eaten and drank a few more syns than i should have. I will have to plan better next week, maybe not drink so much. New day, new week, back on it and trying to snap out of the low moody stuff. first wi tomorrow. Not getting my hopes up I know Where things go wrong for me I just need to try and work on it
Ok well much better day yesterday, had a wee wobble in the evening but I won lol

Heb - wholemeal bread
Hea - cheese slice
Free - beans

2 syns - Creamy cheese mugshot

All free - fried rice - egg, soy sauce frylight
Egg foo yung (homemade) with Heb chicken
Seasoned potato slices

Lots of water

Wi today and I lost 2lbs, very pleased with that considering my wee blip at weekend. However not letting myself get complacent thinking I can get away with cheating, drinking too much alcohol is bad bad anyway can do without it and the hangover depression lol So iv started walking today again roughly, 50mins a time and il try as many days this week as I can, if I say il do it 3 I feel pressured and I won't do it, why I don't know. So goals are walk as much as poss, less alcohol. I do ok with the eating so just be trying to use syns more wisely. Have a meal out on Thursday to a buffet place, Indian Chinese and Mexican so iv a fairly good chance of coping with that. Hopefully the willpower will hold up!
Tues - day 8
Heb - porridge
Hea - semi milk
free - coffee

2 - syns macaroni cheese pasta and sauce
4 syns - 2 party rings biscuits (dont know if this is accurate, guessed)

Heb - 2 small wholemeal
Free - potato slices, egg and half tin of beans

4 syns - chocolate.
total syns 10
mullerlight and a banana

Felt really picky today, looking constantly for what I could eat, not even particularly hungry, coming up to that time of the month and im always the same. Walked for 50mins today tho, felt great for it.

Weds - day 9
Heb - 2 x wholemeal
Free - Banana and coffee

Hea - cheese
Free - macaroni pasta and some tomato puree in the water with garlic salt.

Walked again today, proper power walked! Felt great after it, really improves my mood. But! I have felt really rubbish since about 5ish
today, not sicky but kinda euuurgh. Managed a wee bit of free fried rice, but its gone downhill since, picking at stuff and now i feel worse!

4 syns - Crisps
8 - syns 4 tea biscuits
8 syns Snack size mars

20 syns!
total of 30.
Not pleased, need to check syns :( xx
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Congratulations on ur weight loss :) x
Your diet looks good, i like the sw chips as well. it really doesn't fell like a diet when you can have chip/fries.:D
Another choc-aholic, i'm the same. I cant just have a couple of pieces of a bar i need to eat the whole thing lol.
Good luck on sw. I'm starting to feel left out:sigh:, there seems to be more girls then guys on here or is sw more of a girls thing?
I like the tickers, where do you get them from ?

Thans for the comments! Im not sure if sw is more a girls thing...i guess 'dieting' has been seen to be a female hobby! Kudos to the men, when I used to go to class there was a guy who came too. Without fail he lost every week, got to target and maintained. He was so motivated and had the best recipes. So there you go. Maybe thats why its mostly female's here we lose and we put back on lol (i know i do). Yep the thing about sw if keeping it interesting and not falling into to a rut with the same food over and over. On that note Im attempting KFC chicken sw style and sw doner kebab this weekend :D

Day 10

Free - Peaches and mullerlight


HEB - 6 crackerwheat
Hea - 4 laughing cows light
Free pickles and beetroot


Really tasty just made it up as i went along - free - onion, passata, garlic, chilli, worcester sauce, italian herbs and spaghetti with a Heb chicken.

5.5 - syns small dairy milk bar.
total syns

weekend approaches aarrrrggghh, usually my downfall on the alcohol front. Going to visit a friend tonight but im driving, what I may do is buy one bottle of wine and a mixer and have that if i feel like a drink. Once its gone, its gone. No more! lol
Day 11 green again
Free muller and banana and a coffee.

Ham salad free - lettuce tomato
Hea x 2 cheddar cheese
Heb - 3 slices ham

1 syn - half a macaroni cheese pasta and sauce, handful of chips need to syn these.

2 finger kitkat and a packet of monster munch aaarrrggghhh lol will check syns later.

Day 12 red day, really not my fav but thought I should try.

Bacon omlette with mushrooms

Free - Chicken drumsticks with seasoning.

Free - Sw doner kebab, homemade chilling sauce
Heb pitta
Hea cheddar cheese

Don't enjoy red days unless I am totally prepared and I wasn't at all today lol. No salad to go with lunch but I wasn't really that hungry anyway. Did another 50 min power walk, really enjoying it, ipod on and forget the world for a while. It's so good for me to switch off, don't know why I ever let it slip. Going to be having some wine tonight, half wine half lemonade zero. Hopefully last longer and I won't drink so much. Still need to work on upping the veg, its strange because usually I eat loads anyway. So happy Saturday!
Ok so the kitkat and crisps on Fri worked out at 11 syns which I will round up to 20 for the few wee chips I had. Running total would then be 55.5 syns. Added to that the wine on sat would be 82 syns. Not my total either lol

Sunday red again.
Breakfast - sw doner kebab with Hea cheddar cheese yin! Defo a fav recipe already.

Roast beef, carrots, broccoli, yorkshire pud - 4 syns

Teeny piece of blackforest gatueax.?

Pint lager shandy?
2 syns options hot choc

I really have to address my snack syn values, replace them with lower synned stuff cause I hate missing out on wee indulgences such as goin to pub for a wee drink. Have stopped counting syns this week cause I'm well over!

Monday green
Heb Weetabix Hea milk

Sw wedges, Heb lean mince in bolognese sauce Hea cheese

Another power walk today despite the terrible weather, can hopefully keep this up. Wi tomorro, hope the scales are kind! Almost totm tho :(x
Oh what a week, been unwell, havnt eaten for half the week and hardly ate the rest, still struggling! Will weigh in as usual tomorro and see what the story is from there. Actually cannot face food at all just now x

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