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Jumping from LT

Hi all,

i'm jumping over the Exante from LT due to the cost. Least paying the £100 upfront i wont have to worry about it anymore.

I'm on week 2 of LT and am fully in ketosis but am worried moving over might knock me out? Know im probably overreacting but i dont want to go through those first 3 days again!

Looking forward to chatting with you all :)
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Jump in I'm sure you will be fine they are similar diets you should stay in ketosis

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Hi, I would think that if you're already in Ketosis it should be fine but I'm no expert as I'm only on Day 1! just wanted to welcome you and wish you luck :D
Thanks guys, have bought the bumper pack of shakes. My LT stuff runs out next friday so that gives my exante plenty time to come. Looking forward to more flavours.

Was wondering what the refeed is like on exante as i plan to come off TFR over xmas. Would it be the same as LT ie: slowly reduce number of packs per day whilst adding food.
The principle is probably the same for all TFR diets if you don't want to regain weight when returning to food. However, I also plan to take a break over Christmas but won't be doing the gradual re-feed idea as I don't plan to eat particularly healthily (there is NO WAY I'll be anywhere close to my goal at Christmas) so I'll just take the break, try not to overdo the carbs, take the inevitable gain on the chin and get back to it in January :)
Suppose thats an idea but im not sure if im coming back to TFR in the new year. Depends how far i get in 7 weeks. Im not planning on going crazy over xmas because of my acid reflux. I wouldnt come off plan but ive had my meal booked since august and it cost me £45.
Everything is about choice ... you chose to do a TFR, you're choosing to do the Christmas dinner and then you will choose to get back to some kind of a plan in the New Year and continue your journey. Providing you remember that and believe in your own power of self-control then there won't be a problem. It's not like Christmas or a special meal happens every day.

I'm sure you'll be fine and will have a lovely meal without going totally loopy. :)
Good advice.

In that case i am choosing to come off plan for xmas week to have and enjoy the family meal. It is also within my power not to go mad with it.

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