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Jupiter's Diary

Ok, Jim said I should do one of these and I think he could be right!
Low carbing is my current favourite subject of conversation and I can only expect Mr Jupiter to listen to it for so long!

Little bit about me.....43, married, 2 stepsons who live nearby, one scruffy jack russel/lurcher, work in the fire service, trained in reflexology and reiki, like reading, films, cooking, eating (obviously), drinking (even more obvious!) and walking the dog.

In the last few weeks I have read countless books and articles on the subject and there is no getting away from the sense this way of eating makes - weight problem or not!
So my fridge is full and I have a pot of Ketostix - yes I know that I hardly need those to tell me when Ketosis kicks in, the other signs are impossible to miss, but please humour me, I like to watch them change colour :D

Nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, off to Brighton for shopping and lunch today with my Mum - shall ensure that I stay legal!

Have a good day everyone! ;)
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Hiya, I love the colour change as well :D Good luck with your weight loss.
Hi Jim
Hi Ladies....

Well I survived lunch and stayed legal! Went to Wetherspoons and ordered the chicken cheese and bacon melt. Left the BBQ sauce off it and just had a salad and no chips! Was quite delicious, didn't miss the crappy old frozen chips at all!
Now better get me backside in gear and take Zed (scruffy mongrel) out for his afternoon constitutional and get the beds stripped and changed - well it's all exercise :D

Happy afternoon all!


This is for life
Hi Jupiter, good to see you back. Well done on your legal lunch :)
Lovely tea tonight. Fried up some cooked cabbage and cauli in butter with some chopped corned beef and topped it with grated cheese, was totally delicious.

Back to work tomorrow after a couple of days off - sometimes it's hard to know what to eat because I do a weird shift pattern that include 15 hour night shifts, but I'm getting prepared and have cooked lots of chicken drumsticks and bought plenty of salad and mini cheeses so should have something to hand even for 3 o'clock in the morning munchies! At work we have a fridge stacked full of chocolate for those moments :rolleyes:
Fail to plan, plan to fail!!

Evening all!


Clean green leafy machine
Evening Jupiter - sounds like you are getting the preparation side nailed, hun, good to read :)

For a quick meal, I love chilli mince - fry up some cheap fatty mince (I sometimes use basil oil), add some steamed cabbage and chilli flakes and then serve up with a squirt of mayo - yum! :)
Good morning world!
Day shift today so it's an early start. Feeling a bit slow to get going this morning - just couldn't sleep last night and when I finally did nod off I was up again an hour later to go to the toilet! Oh well at least it shows I'm drinking lots of water! It doesn't help that in my house the bathroom couldn't be any further away from my bedroom and by the time I've dragged myself there and back I'm wide awake again!
Does anybody else dream like mad when they are low carbing? Mine get really busy and vivid!
Anyhoooo...going to start the day with some lovely scrambled eggs and smoked salmon (good offer at Lidl!!) and then pack myself a nice legal lunch and some snacks.
Have a good day everyone! :wavey:
J x


This is for life
Morning Jupiter:D
Morning Joops, I don't drink anything after about 8, bit like when I was a little kid really. LOL


Rebel without a calorie
I live in an area with lots of Victorian houses and sacrificed a bedroom to make sure I bought a house with an upstairs bathroom. So many of them are downstairs as they were built without bathrooms in those days so they've been put in what would have been the coal skuttle or larder at the back of the kitchen.
Hiya Joop - nice to see you back and posting again. Good luck with induction. :)
Evening all, thanks for dropping by!

All going well today until tonight. Had a lovely chicken curry, made some cauli rice to go with it and then dropped the glass dish containing said rice on the kitchen floor and watched as it smashed into a zillion pieces and sent cauli rice half way down the hallway! :8855:

Never mind, curry was nice if a bit on the small side but have managed to still stay on track this evening with a bit of legal snacking!

Good day at work today, one of my colleagues gave me a fab low carb cook book - lots of good ideas in it, shall post some on here soon.
Hope everyone having a good day!
You're not wrong there Taz! Have picked a few bits out of my feet this morning grrr! Worst thing was though, i was looking forward to my dinner as I do with everything I'm cooking these days and not having it I felt really cheated!!

Well good morning everyone! :)
Have started the day with a lovely fry up to make up for last night's disaster dinner! Some lovely very low carb saussies, some nice crispy bacon and a lovely fried egg, done in the bacon fat! I know feel fully compensated! :D

So far, feeling pretty good. No sign of any Atkins flu symptoms, a slight change in the Ketostix, a few physical signs of Ketosis (yuk)and i definitely feel a little lighter!

Busy day today - lots of ironing to do (joy!) but first off to the local high street market where the fruit and veg man sells the best greens ever for next to nothing compared to the supermarket and a butchers van is there too. He usually has rabbits and I think I might have to introduce one of them to my slow cooker! :bunnydance:

Night shift tonight - 15 hours - so am going to make a cauli topped shepherds pie to take in and gather up a few snacky things too.
Have a good day everyone!
J x

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